Thursday, March 12, 2009

Wigs for New Moon?

Looks like Nikki will wear a blonde wig to play Rosalie (maybe Peter/Jackson/Kellan will too, lol too funny). Must be tough on her hair though, all that bleaching - yuck. Can't blame them really for opting for a wig. But how will that look?? o_O

surely they will put themselves through that for a few years longer!

If you think about it, it kinda sucks for them. Like if they opt for a wig, fans out there will be like "no, that looks UGLY!!!" or "that's why they should've hired a blonde in the FIRST PLACE!!!" or even "people put on weight for parts, what's a bit of hair dying?!"
but then there will be the other fans that are like "awww poor them, they shouldn't have to go through that" - I dunno, I'm just sort of rambling :p

MTV has the scoop

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