Wednesday, March 4, 2009

more on the Borders comp for DVD pre-orders

okay I just found where it says what the prize consists of...remember, prices are in AUD

Twilight $24.99,
Twilight Film Tie-in edition $24.99,
New Moon $29.99,
Eclipse $29.99,
Breaking Dawn $29.99,
The Host $32.99,
Twilight: The Complete Illustrated Movie Companion $24.99,
Twilight DVD Single Disc Edition. $39.95,
Twilight DVD Double Disc Edition. $44.95,
Twilight Blu-Ray $44.95,
Twilight Edward Bookmark $8.99,
Twilight Movie Poster Bookmark $8.99,
Twilight Full Cast Bookmark $8.99,
Twilight Lion & Lamb Key Ring / Bag Clip $15.99,
Twilight Cullen Crest Key Ring / Bag Clip $15.99,
Twilight 4 Pack of Pins $9.99,
Twilight Sticker A - Logo $2.99,
Twilight Edward & Bella Tote Bag $39.99,
Twilight Edward & Bella Keychain A $6.99,
Twilight The Cullen's Keychain B $6.99,
Twilight Team Jacob Keychain E $6.99,
Twilight Logo Key Ring $15.99,
Twilight Team Edward Keychain D $6.99,
Twilight Broken Glass Tote Bag $39.99,
Twilight Cullen Crest Only Key Ring $15.99,
Twilight One Sheet Keychain C $6.99,
Twilight Edward Face Men's T-Shirt Medium $34.99,
Twilight Edward Face Junior T-Shirt Medium $34.99,
Twilight Full Cast Men's T-Shirt Medium $34.99,
Twilight Full Cast Junior T-Shirt Medium $34.99,
Twilight Edward Cullen 7" Action Figure $34.99,
Twilight Edward & Belle 7" Action Figure Set $69.95, <- note the typo :p
Twilight Calendar $29.95,
Alice's Choker Necklace $39.99,
Carlisle's Ring $39.99,
Rosalie's necklace $39.99,
Esme's Bracelet $39.99,
Twilight Posters - Full Cast $12.95,
Twilight Posters - Edward $12.95,
Twilight Posters - Edward & Bella $12.95.

you can only enter if you buy the 2 disc twilight edition
and This is a game of skill and chance plays no part in determining the winner.

good luck all you NZers out there! I've gotta get my thinking cap on....

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