Tuesday, November 24, 2009

New Moon Cast: Jimmy Kimmel

vids are up =D

I love this intro!

Oh gosh the screaming! haha that's insane!

Taylor: "putting something in my mouth every 2 hours" hahahah OMJ...
Edward: "I thought that having a kind of completely pre-pubescent girl's body would work out. And then Taylor comes along and I'm like 'geez I'm gunna get fired!'" LOL.

Kristen: "I almost died tripping over a rock"
Rob: "I kinda strained one of my ass cheeks"
Kristen: "I remember a groinal pull" o_O

shirt misbuttoning. HAHA. Oh and Rob and his crying story. OMG I love this guy - he's hilarious!

I'm sure they paid that last guy to come on and propose lol.

New Moon Breaks NZ Records!

Twilight: New Moon NZ's biggest opening weekend ever.

Kiwi Twilight fans have helped the vampire romance franchise into New Zealand box office history by giving the latest film the largest opening weekend ever.

The Twilight Saga: New Moon knocked previous record holder The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King off the top spot with a mammoth NZ$2,641,109 haul during its first four days of screening nationwide.
"We are absolutely thrilled with the result," says Elizabeth Trotman, general manager of the film's New Zealand distributor Hoyts.

"We knew it was going to be big, but we had no idea it would be the biggest opening weekend of all time. Especially considering it opened outside of school holidays, this is an exceptional result.
"The fans have responded really well to New Moon and a lot of theatres have told us some have been to see the movie multiple times over the weekend."

New Moon placed third on the all-time North American box office opening weekend chart with US$140.7 million. The top two spots there are last year's US$158.4 million Batman blockbuster The Dark Knight and 2007's US$151.1 million haul for Spider-Man 3.

The all-time top five opening weekends at the New Zealand box office are as follows:

  1. Twilight Saga: New Moon - $2,641,409
  2. Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King - $2,609,992
  3. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince - $2,405,040
  4. Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen - $2,403,515
  5. Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers - $2,290,584
 By Daniel Rutledge

Link: [3news

Pretty cool huh? I know that New Moon has broken worldwide records, but this news is just a bit closer to home for me. Pretty amazing to see the fandom taking over globally!

Friday, November 20, 2009

The Team Converts...

Been hearing this a lot: "Team Jacob - cause he looks better half naked".

Ouch. Although I sorta agree. Couldn't they have given Edward/Rob a chest wax? Sure some girls dig hairy chests...I'm just not one of them. I heard a few "ewwws" at the premiere screening in Auckland. It was sad! As much as I love Taylor and his awesome abs, I don't want Edward to be beaten out by Jacob! NO!

So come on Rob - opt in for a chest wax. LOL. So superficial, but what a difference it makes to the storyline - doesn't it make it more understandable why Bella would love Edward (apart from not being able to choose who you love) over Jake?

Oh well - I'm one who can learn to deal. I just hope there's no more "ewws"...imagine if all the Rob lovers just suddenly became Taylor lovers....and people going to see the film hoping that Bella would choose Jacob.

*sighs* and rant over.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Review: New Moon. EPIC. *spoilers*

I just got home from watching New Moon and I'm absolutely buzzing.

I absolutely LOVED it. I remember sitting through Twilight for the first time and absolutely cringing - took me the second time to warm up to it - but very few cringe-worthy moments this time. The cast and crew did a fabulous job!

WARNING - possible spoilers...I'll try and keep it quite general

I know they can't stay absolutely true to the book, but I thought it stayed pretty close to the book IMO.

Some very quirky lines thrown in there - Billy Burke, crack up as always :D
Kristen was less awkward. Robward was less cheesy. I love Jackson's smile. Alice had more or less the same amount of scenes in the book.

Obviously a few unexplained bits in the film that you would get if you've read the book. I had to do a good deal of explaining to my brother after the movie. They had condensed a good chunk of the 'draggy' bits, but nothing that really takes away from the story.

Let down of the night? The F*CKEN FANGIRLS! Okay...I love the hype and all, and the giggling at appropriate moments...but these girls were giggling at the "Summit Entertainment" logo intro. ...hmmm....seriously?

And of course I was seated to this horrendous banshee laughing girl. She was the worst. And she would be a solo laugher. Oh I felt I was going mad. I wanted silence.

No CD - that Edward gives to Bella - she only got a kiss for her birthday.

Rosalie's hair bugged me...but I knew that before going in. The wig just doesn't work for me, even though I wouldn't want to Nikki through bleaching again. Just thought I'd say...

Best part...no cheesy run-through-the-woods special effects - I thought Chris Weitz did an amazing job with the wolf pack.

Aro was funny...he's like this oversized kid or something.

The end of the birthday night broke my heart - even more than the actual break up scene did.

Not sure if the vampire tearing up scene was quite PG.

Oh and there was this hilarious scene that Aro sees through Alice of Edward and Bella playfully running through the woods. So cheesy....so not Bella and Edward lol.

Hmmm what else....oh the school carpark scene! Edward the supermodel rears his head. That was such a cute scene. Oh the sexual tension...in more than this scene...in the end of birthday night scene too.

There's a lot that I've missed out...can't possibly remember everything at 3.30am.

After watching this...I'm finding it hard to stay on Team Edward - cinematically, Jacob is just sooo much hotter than Edward (LOL). So Rob needs to up the anti cause Taylor was smokin'! There was even a round of applause when Jake took his shirt off to wipe up Bella's blood.

I heard some girls whining that the movie was crap. I mean seriously?...did you even watch the same movie that I did? did they expect back-flippin flying monkeys or what?

I'm itching to go and see New Moon again!!!! Better than Twilight - hands down!!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

3news extended footage from New Moon Premiere

Film3 reporter Kate Rodger travelled to the event and spoke to the cast and crew on the red carpet.

Red carpet footage including interviews with Robert Pattinson, Elizabeth Reaser, Justin Chon, Chris Weitz, Michael Sheen, Chaske Spencer, Bronson Pelletier, Christopher Heyerdahl and Jamie Campbell Bower.

link: [3news]

Rob interview with Ryan Seacrest

On the red carpet (sorta) interview...and Ryan attempts to ask Rob about his dating Kristen status only to get shut down by his publicist.

Bottom line is that they just won't confirm nor deny. Unless you want to go by what Catherine Hardwicke said in a previous interview...

Hola ~ Vids from the Red Carpet

Kalebnation (The Twi-Guy) has just updloaded a nice full batch of New Moon red carpet cast interviews. Oh the hype!

A little over 10 hours before New Moon premieres here in NZ - that' where I'll be tonight XD - Jealous much? haha...right.

Rob's fave cookie? I love the originality of questions and answers!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Close Up on the New Moon Film Set

Close Up have an interview segment with the cast of New Moon.
When Close Up presenter Mark Sainbury said "Werewolves - bare-chested beefcakes...." I started PMSL. It's just not something you'd expect him to say....hehe.

I don't think this is Close Up exclusive..it *may* be taken from odd interviews...I really don't know, I haven't been watching much behind the scenes New Moon stuff cause I just think it will ruin the movie if I think about it too much - you know my expectations could possibly set me up for a downfall.

Interviews with Rob, Kristen, Taylor, Dakota and Michael Sheen.

Kristen: "objectively from the outside she (Bella) should be with Jacob. She's best friends with him, he's warm and it's easy, there's no problems there. But you can't always take the easy way."

Taylor: "It just depends on your type...if you believe in love at first sight and seeing that mysterious man on the corner, then alright, join Team Edward."

Rob: "Edward is much more of a worrier. Not a warrior, a worrier (laughs) and Jacob isn't."

Rob just cracks me up with his aloofness. He just comes off as a big dork to me. Perhaps that's his charm?

Alright, here's the link: [CloseUp]

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Rob, Kristen and Taylor on Campbell Live

TV3's Kate Rodgers got to interview Rob, Kristen and Taylor in LA recently.

Not since Harry Potter have we seen a book series as popular - 52 weeks at the top of the New York bestsellers list and counting.

Unlike Potter though, we have far more hormones at play here. Twilight fans are passionate ones, as are a good many of their mothers.

Much of that passion is centred on a Vampire, played in the films by British actor Robert Pattinson.

Just the mere mention of Pattinson's name is enough to throw legions of Twilight fans into a breathless swoon. The fact he plays a vampire doesn't seem to lessen his appeal, in fact, as with his Twilight girlfriend Bella, it only appears to add to it.

Reflecting the hype for the movie, the marketing junket juggernaut for New Moon is enormous, and it seems everyone wants a bite of Edward Cullen.

So what is it about this Edward Cullen that has us all in a lather?

"I guess his strengths are, he's very humble, I guess that's also his weakness as well, the more he falls in love with Bella, the more he sees her as a vision of perfection and doesn't feel worthy of her at all.

"He's such an enigma in the books, such a blank canvas, people can project what they want."

New Moon is the young Brit's second Twilight, and since the first he's been fan-mobbed akin to the Beatles. The sequel will only up the fan ante.

"You just always have to remember what or if there is a reason to be doing what you're doing," says Pattinson. "I still find I have a reason, which I can't really express, ha ha.

"It doesn't make me unhappy. There are times when it's really annoying, but I guess that's the only time you really have to change, with the fame and all that stuff, it's not too bad."

For those of you who have been living under a rock and perhaps haven't heard of the Twilight story, it's the tale of a normal self-possessed young girl called Bella, and her love affair with a Vampire.

In the sequel New Moon, things get a little more complicated. Pattinson isn't the only cause for palpitations in the film.

We have in the Vampire corner Team Edward, while in the Werewolf corner, Team Jacob.

Adding more throb to the heart of this new Twilight story is Taylor Lautner, who plays Jacob, Bella's other man.

"Jacob is light, he cares about her (Bella), she just wants to be herself and have fun, so different to what she experiences with Edward," says Kristen Stewart who plays Bella.

"I love they start out as best friends, it grows into something more," says Lautner. "They are both good for Bella, protect her, loyal to her, just a question of left or right."

Jacob also enjoys howling at the moon, and has issues with vampires.

"It required me to go to some deep dark places," says Lautner of his role as Jacob. "The best thing I did was know the books inside out, because that's what the fans want to see."

So is Lautner getting the same treatment from fans that his co-star's are getting?

"We're travelling the world right now," he says. "Everywhere we go we same number of passionate fans, it's comforting, if we were making these films without them it would be a little scary."

But it's really Vampire Cullen who is the ying to Bella's yang, a ying-yang the tabloids would have us believe is reflected in the real world.

Stewart may or may not be Pattinson's girlfriend - a question expressly forbidden to be asked of either of them during these interviews - but she was certainly prepared to put her body on the line for this movie.

"I stepped on a rock, a part of the movie I wasn't even in, I stepped on a rock and sprained my ankle," says Stewart.

New Moon opens in New Zealand next week and more than 30,000 fans have already pre-booked tickets, and a good many have been busted hugging Edward Cullen posters in cinema lobbies.

And just for the record? Yes he is that hot in the flesh. Go Team Edward.

link [3News]

There are also 4 clips up from said interview:

Monday, November 9, 2009

If you want a serious laugh...

...At the Twilight movie, you need to visit Liz on LJ @ Unscrew my head. Don't get me wrong, I adore the Twilight books, I just think the movie was such a let down. So below average despite good intentions. But despite that, I have come to love it - we mindless fans just don't question, and heck I couldn't do any better. Anyway, Liz will tell you why the movie was just so awful. It's funny! Who couldn't use some light hearted comedy?

Of course, don't visit if you can't deal with Twi-haters...there are more than a few Twi-hating comments.

So this scan is for Liz. Enjoy your 15minutes of fame. hehe.

Edit: The scan seems to have come up a bit odd, so I will rescan it later if I have time if need be.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Super Vamp Bella!

Okay, what am I on about I hear you say?
Well, I'm sure you all caught the Kristen and Rob photoshoot with Harper's Bazaar Magazine floating around the internet - I really don't want to post something that's already widely spread around the internet unless I want to add my unwanted two-cents worth in - I thought Kristen looked AMAZING!
A teensy bit goth/femme fatale...but very much how I imagined Bella to be in Breaking Dawn when she gets super vamped up!
I just loved it!
Oh yeah and Rob looked hot too. But did you see Kristen?! hehe

In case you don't actually know which photos I'm harping on about (as I tend to do in my own little insignificant world), her ya go my lovelies:


Of course there's also an interview as well...

and NewMoonMovie have out takes...OMG
here and here

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Twilight Empire Edition

Robward on the cover of Australia/NZ's Empire magazine.
Must get hands on copy. We'll see. Borders should have it I think.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Creme Magazine New Moon Collectors Edition

And here's Creme Magazine's very own Special New Moon Collectors Edition.



Girlfriend NZ New Moon Collectors Issue

So here are the Girlfriend scans...enjoy!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Creme and Girlfriend Magazine Scans...

UPDATE: still zombied out from cramming and early exam start so will have to scan mags in tomorrow...not that it looks like anyone will miss them? comments? *crickets* one of these days I will get active followers that comments (fingers crossed lol) otherwise I'll be the only one that gets joy from this blog. lol pathetic.

Two new sets of magazine scans are making their way onto Twilight Obsessed. Yup NZ magazines Creme and Girlfriend both have New Moon special editions out now. And yup I've got them both in my hot little hands. I've just gotta scan them in. Oh the tedious task. But I will suck it up and do it cause I'm the man. HA! lol.

Oh I had the biggest dilemma today at Whitcoulls courtesy of Creme magazine...I couldn't choose between the Team Edward or the Team Jacob cover!!!! What the Forks! How can you guys expect me to choose?! Are you serious?! And of course I couldn't really talk myself into buy them both seeing as the content was the same with the only difference being the cover...although it probably wouldn't be that hard if the little devil in me wasn't so exhausted from sitting the Film exam earlier this morning. You should've seen me. I was a zombie. Oh gosh I hope I passed!!

Anywhos...I will just post these wee pics up for now, but check back soon - I will get the scanner warmed up and scanning. Then we'll be in business! Feel free to use the scans...but please credit them back to me :)

Yeah...sorry, I didn't mean to make the Team Edward one the smaller one. I'm Team Edward...so of course not!!  (was the only pic I could find...and I ended up buying the Team Jake one cause the pic was more recent...)

They have a cover story on New Moon...you can read it here :[Creme] There's no interview...it's more like things they've said previously.

and some pics:

Ooooh we get to see granny Bella....totally slipped my mind!

And the Girlfriend one (note Girlfriend...Aus/NZ...same diff)

Monday, November 2, 2009


So what did everone get up to for Halloween? Me...I was home cramming studying for my Film exam after working all day..so suckie. But I guess NZers, as a nation, don't celebrate Halloween like the Americans do...would be cool if we did! We still have the increasing numbers of trick or treaters amongst the kids and the odd Halloween party, but nothing too major. That'll be my goal for next year...have a full blown Halloween party. No dressing up as Twilight characters. It's not that there's anything wrong with it if you're that way inclined, but I just think that the characters aren't costumy enough for it that's all.

Enough of my ranting...
Asheley Greene just looks absolutely AMAZING. Kellan too...but maybe lose the cape? then I'd be drooling all over my keyboard.

anyway you can check out the rest: Radar Online