Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Creme and Girlfriend Magazine Scans...

UPDATE: still zombied out from cramming and early exam start so will have to scan mags in tomorrow...not that it looks like anyone will miss them? comments? *crickets* one of these days I will get active followers that comments (fingers crossed lol) otherwise I'll be the only one that gets joy from this blog. lol pathetic.

Two new sets of magazine scans are making their way onto Twilight Obsessed. Yup NZ magazines Creme and Girlfriend both have New Moon special editions out now. And yup I've got them both in my hot little hands. I've just gotta scan them in. Oh the tedious task. But I will suck it up and do it cause I'm the man. HA! lol.

Oh I had the biggest dilemma today at Whitcoulls courtesy of Creme magazine...I couldn't choose between the Team Edward or the Team Jacob cover!!!! What the Forks! How can you guys expect me to choose?! Are you serious?! And of course I couldn't really talk myself into buy them both seeing as the content was the same with the only difference being the cover...although it probably wouldn't be that hard if the little devil in me wasn't so exhausted from sitting the Film exam earlier this morning. You should've seen me. I was a zombie. Oh gosh I hope I passed!!

Anywhos...I will just post these wee pics up for now, but check back soon - I will get the scanner warmed up and scanning. Then we'll be in business! Feel free to use the scans...but please credit them back to me :)

Yeah...sorry, I didn't mean to make the Team Edward one the smaller one. I'm Team Edward...so of course not!!  (was the only pic I could find...and I ended up buying the Team Jake one cause the pic was more recent...)

They have a cover story on New Moon...you can read it here :[Creme] There's no interview...it's more like things they've said previously.

and some pics:

Ooooh we get to see granny Bella....totally slipped my mind!

And the Girlfriend one (note Girlfriend...Aus/NZ...same diff)

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