Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Girlfriend NZ New Moon Collectors Issue

So here are the Girlfriend scans...enjoy!


  1. Hi there! This may seem like an odd request but....

    When the Twilight DVD first came out, I took screen caps and made some Twilight movie blog entries. Well, it seems that recently a bunch of new people have showed up and read them, and a few of them have said that they found out about my Twilight entries because there was a mention in Girlfriend NZ. Unfortunately, I'm in America and can't get my hands on a copy to see for myself, so I was wondering if you'd do me a huge favor and leaf through the issue (I'm assuming it's the most recent issue - or maybe the new moon special? - because the surge of people has happened only in the last week or so) and see if you could verify it for me? And if it is in there, scan it?

    I'd completely adore you if you did!


    P.S. Here's the URL of the entries that were supposedly mentioned, if it helps at all...

  2. Hey Liz :D

    I sure can have a look at the most recent issue for you, that's no problem at all. Of course this is based on the condition that you're not a're not a Twi-hater are you? You can absolutely hate the movie - heck I hated it too. Still do. I just don't care about it as much ATM. I'm pro books =P

    So before I do a favour for a potential Twi-hater. I need your word that you're not one.

    LOL I'm not usually this serial...but I mean how would it look to the rest of the world if my Twi-dedicated blog was doing favours for the enemy ROFL.

    At the risk of befriending a hater...your screen caps are pure win! I couldn't help but LOL. Gosh I better not regret saying that!

  3. No no, I'm NOT a Twi-hater! Granted, I don't LOVE the series or anything, but I've read the books a few times and I get my kicks out of it. But I do not hate them.

    The entries on my journal started out simply because a lot of the people that I know on LiveJournal aren't big movie buffs, but I wanted to share some of the hilarity with those that I know would never see the movie or read the books, and I guess it just got out of control! Haha

    And thanks for the compliment! I'm glad they've gotten such a positive response because I was planning on doing some more entries just like that when the New Moon dvd hits stores!

    And if you want more proof (haha), here's a pic of my signed first edition of Twilight (I'm from the same town as Stephenie Meyer so I've kind of been riding the Twilight train since September 2005!

    Of course, I blacked out my last name...for internet safety purposes lol!


  4. LOL ok, ok I believe you! And awesome on the signed book! One of the never-ending downsides of living in famous people lol.

    You've read the books a few times...well that's a quite a start! Some just diss before reading.

    Haha! I will keep an eye out for when your New Moon screen caps go live.

    Anywhooos...I found it! I thought I had scanned this page too...I must've missed it out.

    It's on the Click It: New Moon Special page...and it's titled..."Twi-sh*te"
    .??. It's focused around your favourite Twilight character.....The Cactus. It's only about 1/8th of the page. There's a small blurb but I won't bother typing it up, I'll just scan it up tomorrow...well today in about 10 hours cause it's 12.30 am and I really need my 10 hours of sleep ha!

    But yeah definitely check back, and I should have it all scanned and posted ;o)