Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Kristen and Nikki back in Vancouver

Lainey Gossip has the pictures via PunkD Images and had this to say:

Robert Pattinson was supposed to present at the Kids’ Choice Awards on Saturday. Instead, Twilight was represented by Taylor Lautner. They are trying their best to make him a star. To give Pattinson a challenge, if this is possible. Twi-hard losers seem pretty keen on the Open Mouthed One. More on him later. For now, let’s help with Taylor’s cause. Photos attached of Taylor on the carpet for Nickelodeon and also arriving back in Vancouver on Sunday night to shoot again this week.

Meanwhile, Kristen Stewart was joined by her BF Michael Angarano and her BFF Nikki Reed on Sunday. Here they are coming from late lunch. Interestingly enough, a short while after their meal, Nikki was spotted heading over to Rob’s. She stayed at his place a few hours, then they went out and hooked up with some friends…

Is it just me, or is Michael Angarano looking a bit like Rob? I mean the sunnies look oddly familiar...That's all I'm going to say on this topic.

Caius has been cast!

British actor Jamie Campbell-Bower has revealed he will play Volturi leader Caius in The Twilight Saga: New Moon.

The 20-year-old, who has appeared in RockNRolla and Sweeney Todd, told the BBC news website that taking part in the vampire series was "very exciting".

"You're the first people I've told" he said. "Shooting has already started, and I'm going over in June."

The film, due for release in November, is the second adaptation from author Stephenie Meyer's Twilight series.

The role of Caius is key to the plot of New Moon. He forms part of the triumvirate leading the Italian based coven of vampires called the Volturi.

The second book in the series sees the gang become a threat to lovers Bella and Edward.
I may be a newbie at this, but it does seem to me like they've up-played Caius' role above the rest of the Volturi. It's Aro that is more of the leader if ever there was one. The trio (Aro, Caius and Marcus) make up the Volturi leaders, but this report kind of makes it seem like Caius is the head honcho in Italy. I have to disagree. Aro is the most leader-ish one. I wanna know who's been cast as Aro!

Link: BBC News

Monday, March 30, 2009

More on Rob

A musician, and a new Twilight fan named Adaline (I like the sound of the music she makes) had a very lucky encounter with Rob Pattinson himself last night!
She was at an afterparty for the Juno Fest music festival. She says–

"Last night I was at a Juno Afterparty at Richards on Richards (a fantastic live music venue in Vancouver). I'm hanging out upstairs and I look over...it's Robert Pattinson. I couldn't believe it! I spent the next few minutes trying to figure out how to say hi and what I could say that wouldn't sound crazy.
I walked over and he was saying to another girl, "I can't do that. I can't do that", so I pulled up beside him and said, "What can't you do Robert" and he said, "I can't take pictures tonight". So I leaned over and said, "I don't need a picture of you. You're just a normal person trying to have a good time. I'm just happy to have this moment with you. Sometimes people want a piece of you, more specifically, a piece of Edward. I'm happy to be meeting you. At the end of the day, you're just like me."
At that point, he pulled me into an warm embrace and said in my ear, "You are the first person to say that to me all day, thank you. Honestly, thank you". I said, "You're welcome. We're the same".
I told him about how I was a performer, so you never know, maybe he'll be at a show someday!
In the end it was lovely to meet the man who so well depicted the character so many people love. I can tell you two things:
1) Even though Robert is not Edward, he has the same intense stare in real life. It took me off guard.
2) He smells lovely. The stinky thing is a bunch of tabloid garbage.

At the end of the day, this story is about my music and about how it seems that all of this was meant to happen. How I was meant to pick up that book, how I was meant to have all that press published, how I was meant to be at that club last night, and how I was meant to meet you."
as she says...very cosmic indeed.
you can read the rest on her MySpace page

You may be thinking - okay missme, this news is everywhere... - the reason I posted this was, aside from loving the story, there's also this Extra clip claiming that Rob has admitted to being a little lax'd on his personal hygiene:

I take Adaline's word over Rob's - after watching the Twilight DVD with the commentary, I fully get that Rob is the kind of guy that tears himself down. Modest may be the word, but he definitely does not brag. And he likes to joke a lot, so a lot of what he says sounds like he says it for the sake of saying it, rather than actually literally meaning it. Well that's my 2 cents on that topic.
Photo of Rob can be found here on Colleen Allison's photostream

Taylor Lautner and the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards

he's so spunky. hehe.
and he definitely knows how to put on a good show!
Taylor accepted the award for Best Book on behalf of Stephenie Meyer.
Lautner said that he is “currently filming New Moon right now, having a lot of fun, and I can tell you first hand you’re going to love it!”

watch the video for yourself :)

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Twilight in flight

I just wanted to post this piece of random info.

It has come to my attention that if you were to hop on a plane to go anywhere that is longer than a 2 hour journey, your in flight movie will be none other than Twilight!

I know for a fact that to Australia from NZ has Twilight (I assume flying Qantas) and to LA from NZ has Twilight playing as well. Way to increase Twilight popularity - if it wasn't big enough as it is! :) pretty cool huh?

Now I'm wondering which other flights are playing Twilight. Feel free to comment and let me know! I don't bite...unless you request it of course. Anything to keep everyone happy :)

Twilight too hot for libraries?

Alex Cantatore writes an article for The Turlock Journal called "Banned books, teen sex, and vampires", which as the title implies is about the banning of the Twilight books.

He writes:

"In case you somehow missed hearing about "Twilight" until this column, the operative word in that last sentence was, "vampires." Yes, not since Buffy and her ilk walked the Earth-or at least the creepy confines of the ill-fated WB Network-have vampires been so gosh darned cool.

If you can't see why this book and its three follow-ups-"New Moon," "Eclipse," and "Breaking Dawn,"-became instant best sellers, you've forgotten what high school was like.

The likelihood of a high school crush-and let's be honest, high school crushes are much more aptly described as secret obsessions-developing into a real relationship is almost non-existent. The idea that a normal girl like Bella could end up with the coolest kid in school - Edward - is incredibly empowering for the sort of teenagers that you would find reading books about vampire romance in the first place, rather than out with a case of cheap beer in an orchard.

The even more amazing part about this whirlwind high school romance-and, warning, spoilers are coming for those of you who've yet to finish the saga-is that Bella and Edward don't have sex until they are married in Book 4, "Breaking Dawn." In fact, the couple is surprisingly chaste throughout the series, only kissing for a few seconds at a time before things get too intense and Edward has to step back before he gets carried away and accidentally kills Bella.

And yet, the two don't "get jiggy with it," as Will Smith might say, until they are away on their honeymoon. The entire concept is almost more amazing than the notion of a vampire falling in love with a human in the first place. And, unlike pulp romance rags, the depiction of Edward and Bella's union is entirely off the page, merely hinted at with the two swimming in the ocean and then waking up the next morning in bed surrounded by torn pillows.

According to a story published in the Salt Lake City Tribune, this implied sex scene between married, consenting adults, has led a junior high library in Utah to unofficially ban the book, keeping it off the shelves and unavailable for checkout. That's right, the story of a teen couple that managed to keep chaste for years-and thousands of pages, as Meyer is nothing if not verbose-only to consummate their marriage on their honeymoon, is considered too hot for libraries.

I find it incredible that, in this day and age, any librarian, parent, or even vampire would turn down a story about a relatively healthy relationship. If you want to ban books in the series based on the violence-which can, admittedly, get a little heated with torn-to-bits vampires set afire screaming-then that's another discussion, though I still believe that banning books for any reason is a horrible practice.

Books give us a window into other peoples' lives; they help us to understand things that we otherwise never would. Even Vladimir Nabokov's "Lolita," a tale about a pedophile, for all intents and purposes, is ranked among the best literature of all time and belongs on anyone's bookshelf."

You can read the whole article here: The Turlock Journal

I totally agree with this guy. Just cause you don't agree with a book doesn't mean you have the right to stop others from reading it. I mean, we can't all like the same things! And why is Nabokov's Lolita widely available in libraries but books like Breaking Dawn and Harry Potter aren't? I've read Lolita, and let me tell you that it is one disturbing book! He may be a literary genius, but I just can't see past the pedophillia. How can you justify having a book about a pedophile and his disturbing tendencies available in libraries while banning a book about responsible sex and marriage (or fictional magic)? I just don't get some people.

These librarians/parents are dense if they can't see what a wonderful job Stephenie Meyer has done on discussing the implications of sex and young relationships!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

3 of the Wolf pack spotted!

I like this build up of wolf pack news.

Lainey Gossip has spotted Chaske Spencer (Sam), Alex Meraz (Paul), and Kiowa Gordon (Embry) in Vancouver :)
Together, they look like they'll make up an impressive wolf pack. Me like.

"Anyway, the wolves have been shooting with Taylor Lautner and Kristen Stewart all week. Robert Pattinson has stayed away from set. His scenes haven’t come up yet. Still training, still hiding. You’ve seen the emails I’ve been receiving. And Pina from yesterday isn’t even the craziest loser-ist of the all. Can you blame the boy for trying to disappear? They say he’s presenting tomorrow at Kids’ Choice. Rob on a red carpet. Don’t lie. I know you’ve been waiting all week for it!"

Robert responds to "Rob stinks"

Moviefone has an interview with Rob about recent gossip surrounding his personal hygiene and other stuff....

1. I heard that you follow all the online gossip about yourself?

read that and thought it was such bullshit. I was like, "God, I sound like such
a loser!"

2. So it's not true?

Well, I do sometimes. I used to a
lot more before and then ... I only look at the negative stuff. I just want to
know whoever's saying negative stuff, and I just want to remember their names. I
write it all down in my black book. [Laughs]

3. Is it true that you took
a fan out for dinner?

That is true, yeah.

4. Is it true that, I
don't know if you saw this, but a source on the set of 'New Moon' said that you
don't smell good, that you don't shower?

I haven't even been on the set

5. You know the same thing went around about Zac Efron a while ago;
that he doesn't shower.

Really? He looks like he smells really good
[laughs]. I also do shower.

6. I also read that you got hit on the head
with a sign while you were filming?

You know, that is the most ... I
actually got told about that this morning. It's like, "What?" It's the most
boring story.

7. I just watched a Ryan Reynolds video interview and he
called you "dreamy" and said he'd love to work with you.

laugh] Really?

8. Is there anyone you'd love to work with?

Reynolds! [Laugh] ... I've always wanted to work with Benicio Del Toro, I think
he's amazing. And there are tons and tons of people ...

(This is just a taste of our interview with the charmingly shy Pattinson.
Come back closer to the release date of 'Little Ashes' for more surprises in our
full interview, in which he reveals how he prepared for his nude scenes in the
Salvador Dali biopic, where he sees himself in the future ... and how the energy
is different on 'New Moon.')
great interview, finally a direct response to gossip. That should shut all those haters up. But then again, you can't shut up the brainless :p

Friday, March 27, 2009

twilight box set cards

to many of you this may be old news. To the new fans who do not yet own the Twilight Saga Box set...here are the prints that they include in their set:

The latest on Rob

I wasn't going to post this cause I think it's just absolutely ridiculous! But I thought I'd do it so us fans can have a laugh about their stupidness.

A lot of places are reporting that Twilight cast members have complained of Rob's stench! haha too funny. There must be no news post DVD release. Come on media, get a clue! publish something substantial.
I saw this particular one whilst signing into msn...it's been there for a couple of days now, but it's a typical example of hogwash. Typical of the press to report something without proper sources - it's always "a close friend reports" "an insider has said" - puhleez, name the damn person if such person exisits!
"Robert Pattinson stinks, say Twilight crew

He's lovely to look at on screen, but meet him in person and the charm's likely to wear off because apparently Robert Pattinson smells bad. Real bad.
"He stinks. I mean, it's awful. He never showers, and it drives people on the set crazy," reveals an insider from the Twilight sequel New Moon.
"He completely reeks," confirms another grossed-out crewmember.
Rob's not the first star to reportedly dodge the soap and embrace his natural stench. Fellow big screen spunks Brad Pitt and Keanu Reeves are allegedly a bit on the nose too.
...Maybe when you're that hot you have to find some sort of deterrent to keep the obsessed fans away. "

link: msn entertainment fix

hilarious or what?
I just think these people have nothing better to do than publish crap. Haven't these people heard of credibility? when you publish one piece that's rubbish, the rest f their posts become questionable.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Noot Seear as Heidi?

Heidi is a supermodel! well she is the human herder/bait.

"I can exclusively reveal that Canadian supermodel Noot Seear has won the coveted role of the beautiful human bait in the Twilight sequel.
Heidi is described in Stephenie Meyer's novel as a "fisher" who brings humans to the Volturi vampires to eat. She has "exceptional, unforgettable" beauty, which includes stunning legs, long hair and violet eyes.

So who is this Noot Seear?
The 25-year-old dark blond stunner hails from Vancouver, Canada. (Yup, that's where director Chris Weitz just started shooting New Moon). She's 5 feet 9 inches tall and has blue eyes, according to her agency,
One Model Management. Her measurements? 34-24-34."
Link: E! online

looks like Annalynne McCord is officially out as Heidi.

What do you guys think?

To be honest, I have no idea who Noot is, so I will have to google her. I'd never heard of her before this. Goes to show the small rock I live under here in NZ lol.

For the small role of Heidi, I think she'll do - all she has to do is look the part right? :p

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Summit officially confirm the Wolf Pack

hey I'm back. Been a bit busy with a family wedding and with uni and stuuf. But I'm still trying to update whenever I can....hey I'm only a one man band! but thanks for sticking with me :)

SUMMIT ENTERTAINMENT RUNS WITH THE WOLF PACK IN THE TWILIGHT SAGA: NEW MOONChaske Spencer, Bronson Pelletier, Alex Meraz, Kiowa Gordon and Tyson Houseman to Star as Members of Wolf Pack Los Angeles, CA March 23, 2009 — Summit Entertainment announced today that Native American/First Nation actors Chaske Spencer, Bronson Pelletier, Alex Meraz, Kiowa Gordon and Tyson Houseman have signed on to star as the members of the wolf pack in THE TWILIGHT SAGA: NEW MOON. In the film, the wolf pack defends humans against vampires although they have a tribal history intricately entwined with Edward Cullen and his family. The wolf pack members will join Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and fellow wolf pack member Taylor Lautner in the film directed by Chris Weitz which will be released domestically November 20, 2009.

Each member of the wolf pack is of Native decent. Spencer is Lakota (Sioux), Pelletier is Cree-Metis, Meraz is Purepecha (Tarasco), Gordon is Hualapai, and Houseman, who was discovered at an open casting call, is Cree. Casting of the wolf pack was overseen by award-winning casting director Rene Haynes who is well-known for her work on Native projects ranging from DANCES WITH WOLVES to BURY MY HEART AT WOUNDED KNEE.
it's also realy awesome to note that 3 million copies o f Twilight was sold on the first day of release! That's in the States alone right? Wait til it's released in other countries. I know HEAPS of people buying more than one copy hehehe

link: Summit Entertainment

I like the slogan: Tribe. Pack. Family. Very cool =D

Friday, March 20, 2009

Win Ashley's prom dress

well not her actual prom dress, but the dress she wore at her appearance at Saks Fifth avenue.
Ashley has kindly donated the dress to be auctioned off. Proceeds from DonteMyDress.org goes towards helping girls who can not afford prom dresses themselves. It may seem silly to raise funds for something unnecessary like prom dresses but it's actually a big deal in today's commodity driven society. But seriously though, think of the wonders it an do for one's self esteem. Thumbs up to Ashley for taking part in such a charity!

link: auction page current bid is at $210

Kristen on MTV Canada...

warning video contains some harsh language...

I know this is a tad bit of old news, but I've been meaning to comment on it...
I get that there are a lot of people (increasingly, I think) that hate Kristen Stewart, or think that she's an ungrateful cow lady. What I think is (like who cares?) that people are too quick to judge others whom they don't even personally know. I agree, Kristen has more than her fair share of hairy moments and cringeworthy comments that make you say "oh hell no, she didn't just say that!", but overall I think there's nothing wrong with the way she is. The way I see the media is if you give them an inch, just an ounce of an excuse, they will run it and stretch it as far as possible. I think that Kristen is just awkward and behaves a little differently than we want her to behave, but that doesn't mean that she's ungrateful or is a b*itch. Lets just say I know people who are a lot worse. Sure I wish she'd be a little more friendly in interviews, but in a way I prefer the blunt truth over fake enthusiasm anyway.

Bottom line, if you don't have it, don't fake it.

MTV Canada was too harsh, and their comments were uncalled for and really unprofessional. The pot calling the kettle black?

edit: looks like they've pulled the video...

Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Directors Notebook scans

Okay I finally got my scanner going, so here are some of the scans as promised...

Catherine makes me laugh with her quirky annotations! Like her comment about making Edward sparkle...

"Thanks Stephenie! "Diamonds embedded in the skin" and "smooth like
marble"...that sounds easy - NOT"
The book in general reads like a comic book, a lot of it are drawings and the other bits are photos from the set. Very cool book - it has a lot going on. Fab work Catherine!

*note* click the image for the larger version ;)

Wolf Pack named!

Remember none (apart from the obvious) of these have actually been confirmed by the big bosses at Summit, so basically it's speculation at this point. Although since some of them have been photographed with Taylor Lautner and Chris Weitz, I think it's pretty safe to say they're part of the cast...

Lainey Gossip has the info...(She's starting to get on my nerves, she's getting annoying with her bitchy catty attitude, and no I'm not saying this to defend Rob - if it weren't for her New Moon info, i'd get the hell out of there)

Posted the first photos yesterday of Jacob and his pack. You Twilight fans have been emailing about names and characters. This morning’s fried rice is making me nice. So today, exclusively, here’s how the wolves break down:

Taylor Lautner: Jacob Black

Chaske Spencer:Sam Uley

Tyson Houseman: Quil Ateara

Alex Meraz: Paul

Kiowa Gordon: Embry Call

Bronson Pelletier: Jared

Tinsel Korey: Emily
note there is no Seth....which is how it's meant to go. Speaking of which, they better cast an adorable Seth! I know heaps of people who love Seth.

oh so Tyson is Quil....yep I think that would do. Although Tyson is not how I imagined Quil, but I think I can imagine him playing with Claire :)

And I still wish Solomon Trimble was Sam, he had this wise maturity about him which was great for Sam. But I'm sure they cast Chaske Spencer for a reason too.

Tyson Houseman part of the wolf pack

OK, I have no idea how New Moon Movie has managed to find this out, but man they are genius! They figured out that the guy with the glasses in the wolf pack lunch pics is an unknown actor named Tyson Houseman.

"See the guy in the back over Taylor Lautner’s shoulder in this Punkd photo?
That is none other than Tyson Houseman, and we can exclusively report this after
discovering a post on his talent agency website that confirms it is true. On the website,he is listed with a role in New Moon, and it also includes a headshot that shows he is identical to the person in the photo, making this 100% certain. On the
agency website, it lists his specialties as snowboarding, skateboarding & guitar and his acting experience so far has been solely stage work."

Brilliant work NewMoonMovie.org! I wonder who he's playing, honestly I'm done guessing at this point. Any actor can be turned into almost any character so I really don't know. I'll post when confirmed. That is unles in the meantime I feel like speculating.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Wolf Pack!

Lainey Gossip has done it again...

first pictures of what looks like the New Moon wolf pack! I'm so excited! I can't believe they thought Bronson Pelletier (in red) was Oliver James, he looks nothing like Oliver James. OK maybe he does a little, but not enough. Obviously unconfirmed as yet, but I'm telling you it's Bronson and not Oliver. I wish Oliver James was in New Moon...*drool* and it's assumed that the beanied guy is Alex Meraz

oliver james?

keep your eyes peeled

there is so much new info about New Moon out there now! I just popped into New Moon Movie and there is all this new info on Jacob's wolf pack and Bella's house set. Will update later. Just got excited and had to post this :D

I got a copy of the Director's Notebook!

I manage to get myself a copy of the new Director's Notebook, and let me tell you...IT IS AWESOME!
I will try and get some scans up later tonight (other than the ones already circulating) and just let you guys get a better feel of what it contains. Then you guys can pop out to the stores and buy a copy for yourselves! :D

gotta dash...I have class...yay.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Hot Topic merch

I'm not sure I like this one though....
of course Hot Topic are now selling Catherine Hardwicke's Twilight Directors Notebook
and they've listed the Twilight Audio Book which is awesome. Now why can't anyone else stock Twilight merch like Hot Topic can?!

Kristen at the Adventureland premiere

Just Jared Jr. has pics of Kristen from the premiere of her film Adventureland.

And she's not wearing black! well has black in her dress but, it's not black :p

She looks gorgeous as usual...damn some people. lol.

Directors Notebook out now!

Catherine Hardwicke's Twilight Directors Notebook has hit the stores in the USA. Twilight Lexicon brings us the first pics of it. Does it look awesome or what? I really want one, I suddenly want one...I have no idea how this came about!

Catherine Hardwicke website up and running

I thought I should mention that Catherine Hardwicke has her own website up and running now. Looks pretty cool, has some cool photos from her past projects, obviously that includes Twilight.
But yeah, go check it out. I'm guessing we'll see some exciting things there in th future :D

Jake's House

the more I see of this, the more likely I think it is...I've made up my mind that this is the Black house and garage :D Seriously why else would there be cones all over the place?!

Rob's GQ outtakes!

wow can you say smouldering hot?

Rob is really photogenic. Well I guess we can all be, so don't give up just yet! hehe
But on a more serious note, his eyes look kind of sad right? poor guy.
Robert Pattinson Source has the outtakes from Rob's GQ shoot :D

More New Moon Set Pics

More pictures of Rob and Kristen on set have surfaced! Thanks to Im Not Obsessed for the photos :)

are those Rob's bodyguards? :p
I'm trying to figure out if that's Kristen or Bella....then I can figure out if that's Rob or Edward :D

Ashley on Good Day New York TV

Ashley had an interview with Good Day New York TV in which she talks about the DonateMyDress.org charity that she's involved in. Such a great cause! And Ashley always seems so friendly :)

Ashley Greene plays fastball

Twist Magazine caught up with Ashley backstage before her Saks 5th Avenue appearance. Ashley is definitely one of my favourites out of the Twilight cast, who am I kidding...they're all my faourites lol.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Wuthering Heights and what-not

“We have sold as many copies of Wuthering Heights in the first two months of 2009 as we usually sell in a whole year,” said a spokeswoman for Le Livre de Poche, the publisher of the French translation…We are on course to sell several tens of thousands of copies this year, which is exceptional. The enthusiasm has prompted a lot of bookshops to put Brontë on display next to Stephenie Meyer, and that has obviously encouraged people to buy both of them.”

Link: Twilight Lexicon

I read this on Twilight Lexicon and it was kind of funny it made me think back to when I first read Twilight, many many moons ago, and my sister was reading it also. She actually stole my Twilight book when I put it down to get a drink. Anyway she was so bored I told her to read my copy of Wuthering Heights. She read a chapter of it before she put it down and just could not read it. The point here is that she wanted to read it cause of the Twilight books. I already had Wuthering Heights, Pride and Prejudice, and Romeo and Juliet because I'm an English Lit major.

So yeah, I can't really answer the question of wanting to read them as a result of Twilight. But I can say it's probably true for many Twilight readers out there.

You can read the full article here: Times Online

Kellan and Edi have birthday cake!

I'm sorry, i missed both guys' birthdays! i need a smack on the hand for being so busy that I forgot!
but look at this delish New Moon cake Kellan is eyeing up! :D very nice, best of the twilight cakes I've seen by far because of it's accuracy and simplicity. Not saying that the other fan cakes weren't cool too! just that look what a professional cake maker can do ;)

Kellan Lutz Online says:

"Kellan’s birthday is tomorrow but he is already celebrating. Yesterday he and Edi Gathegi went to their birthday party at Prive Las Vegas."
Prive must be the hip place to be considering that's where Ashley was for her birthday too!

Edward to sparkle better in New Moon!

I found this news very exciting.
New Moon Movie have posted this:

"NewMoonMovie.org reader Julie met Peter Facinelli at the UK Twilight Convention recently, and she had this interesting tidbit to share–

He talked to us about the script for New Moon and said he was happy with it. He mentioned his concerns at a man directing a story told from a woman’s (Bella’s) viewpoint, but how he was then totally reassured after meeting Chris Weitz the director. My favourite bit of insiders gossip that he gave us was one of the stage directions. In the New Moon script it says ‘the sunlight catches Edward’s skin and we see him sparkle’ ,it then says in brackets underneath (BUT BETTER THAN IN TWILIGHT) I guess they really are trying to improve the special effects!"
Hooray!!! Edward's sparkle in twilight was a tiy shimmer! I expected a total spakle. LIke BLING! lol so I'm really glad they've taken how badly it came off in Twilight into account. Great stuff guys!

Ashley + DonateMyDress

I think it's really awesome that Ashley is doing this.

"Talking about why she got involved with the good cause, Miss Greene described herself as coming from a poor family in Florida, telling, “I started working when I was, like, 13 or 14. My friends were, like, ‘Why are you always working?’”"
Gossip Girls has the story.

Kristen on Jimmy Kimmel

if you're anything like me, you like to catch all the cast interviews. I don't know why, I just do. Even if the iterview doesn't mention twilight/new moon :p

Jake's Volkswagon Rabbit

New Moon Movie has the pics of what is presumed Jake's car!
apparently colour is meant to be red - so we're not sure what the deal there is yet...
is it what you imagined? I must have a bad imagination...I pictured it looking like Herbie :p haha

jacob's garage?

I think it's very possible that this is being used as Jake's garage where Bella and Jake spends a good chunk of their time bonding in in New Moon. Why else would there be so many people around painting and constructing a pretty old looking shed? How exciting! :D

Borders DVD preview

I wish I'd managed to pre order one of these :( I wish NZ borders would get it! But I will probably have to beg my sister to get me a copy when she moves over to LA *sniff sniff*

"That man is like melted butter on my bagel"

Access Holywood have a vid posted which has fans reactions to deleted scenes. The "That man is like melted butter on my bagel" comment is obviously the most memorable comment!

New Moon starts filming!

Just ared Jr. has pictures of my favourite Cullen couple! Ashley and Jackson were seen getting coffee in Vancouver. And Jackson let it slip that filming will start sooner than everyone thought :D

"Thursday night, the whole New Moon cast - including Kristen Stewart, Rachelle Lefevre and Robert Pattinson - headed to Gotham Steakhouse for dinner.

As as the cast was leaving, Jackson, 24, revealed to paparazzi that filming for New Moon will be starting earlier than anticipated. He shared, “[Rehearsals] They’re going great, they’re going great. We’re actually going to start filming on Monday, so be sure to check it out.”

link: just jared jr.

New Moon poster was made by Maddie. I really like it, it's really good!

Friday, March 13, 2009

10 things New Moon movie has to have...

This pic just breaks my heart...

BuddyTV (byKim Wetter) has posted 10 things which they think will turn New Moon into an awesome movie.
I've got to say, New Moon is my least favourite book out of the series, doesn't mean that I don't like it. I just like happy over gut wrenching. But there are crucial parts of New Moon that just can't be compromised.

Here's the summarised version on that post...

10. Victoria’s plan must loom ominously.
Catherine Hardwicke set up Victoria as the ultimate villain at the end of Twilight so we need to see her presence continue to be a threat to Bella’s safety.

9. Charlie. Charlie. Charlie.
He tries so hard to be a good father to her. Charlie will be hurting when he sees Bella so depressed so the viewers need to see him try to make things better in his special Charlie-way.

8. More Bella and Alice interactions.
The tender romantic moments will be few and far between so they need to be replaced by some tender friendship moments.

7. Be careful with Jacob’s heart.
Our hearts can break a little for Jacob, but we’ll already be hurting a lot for Edward and Bella, so they must go easy on us.

6. Edward and Bella in love.
The viewers, especially viewers that haven’t read the books, need to see Edward and Bella as the soul mates hard-core fans know they are, otherwise, why would viewers want to see these two miserable people reunite?

5. Lighten up the script.
Having light humor involved will help split up the times where the viewer must dive into Bella’s depression with her.

4. The proposal.
He’s just caused her an immense amount of pain by leaving her and his redemption must be more than sweet.

3. Werewolf action.
The werewolves are coming out in full force and they need to “bring it.”

2. The Volturi are straight from a horror film.
The need to look creepy and be the types of images that might give us nightmares. We need to see the power behind them and feel the threat they impose.

1. Robert Pattinson.
We know that Edward struggles with his existence without Bella and we know he struggles with his decision. Seeing that will be nice but like Bella, it can’t go over the top. Seeing Edward/ Robert Pattinson in happier moments is a must.

I agree with all, except for the Volturi one. I think you have to feel their power, but I don't think they need to look like things out of a horror film. I think they just need to look evil.

and I wanted to add 2 to that list...
1. Viewers need to see that Jake hurts Bella too - he punches his own (smaller) hole in Bella's chest after starting to heal the one Edward created by leaving. It's to say that we're all capable of hurt; human, vampire or werewolf.

2. Wolf girl(s). Twilight was about Bella being a vamp girl. New Moon is about being a wolf girl. Bella has to meet Emily. Which creates the dynamic for Leah in Eclipse...that is they don't sneak Leah into New Moon.

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DVD feature: The Hospital scene

MTV has the DVD feature of behind the scenes of he hospital scene. Pretty cool! the sound is like hypersensitive, you can hear Rob/Edward kissing Kristen/Bella's forehead :p

New Moon set photos...WOOHOO!

Pictures of the cast on the New Moon set (well dress rehearsal anyway) have surfaced!

I'm quietly saddened that most of the cast are smoking..but to each their own. We can't all be non-smokers.

check them all out here: Spoiler TV

Taylor/Jacob's hair looks so much better. And Jackson and his Jasper wig? he looks like a clown heheh. Nikki's looks alright...but you can tell it's a wig. still dress rehearsals...so still time to improve :D

who is this lady? She's not Renee is she? She's definitely not Esme. She's not even on set...why was she photographed?