Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Twilight in Japan fan meet vids

wish you were at the Twilight fan meet in Japan? I do!
Wish you were part of Twilight Singapore so you could live the experience? I do!
haha well Twilight Singapore have posted their vids from the fan meet in Tokyo....woohooo!

here they are...I've left out the first part in the 5 part series coz it doesn't show you much but the japanese filling up the auditorium or whatever they use...

it's so weird having to wait for a translator to translate everything - I get so impatient coz I wanna know what they're saying! haha
don't forget to checkout Twilight Singapore for more!

this is the one where a fan asks Kristen what it's like kissing Rob :)

they play that string game to determine which fans get to have dinner with the cast!

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