Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Kellan, Rachelle and Edi interview

Fearnet had a chat to Kellan, Rachelle and Edi before they're due to start on New Moon.

haha they seem like such a tight family! It's really awesome.
I particularly liked these parts:

There was another rumor about Taylor Lautner…

LUTZ: Who's that?

LEFEVRE: Didn't he play…

LUTZ: One of the high-school kids? Wasn't he an extra?

LEFEVRE: I don't think I liked that kid. He was the really annoying one that kept calling us.

LUTZ: Calling us like, "You want to hang out?" He's the one that had that weird snorty laugh too.

LEFEVRE: Oh God! That snorty laugh!

LUTZ: I was like, "Is that his character? Him being a high-school kid?" Oh, I hope he's not…

GATHEGI: [Laughs.] Taylor, of course he's in New Moon. He is a third of New Moon.

LEFEVRE: We love him.


In general, how do you feel about the rumors of well-established stars joining the film series? Since you guys seem like a tight family unit at this point, are you at all apprehensive ?

GATHEGI: I think it's cool that we've been a part of something that stars are attracted to and want to be apart of.

LUTZ: Yeah that's really cool. Dakota Fanning, Madonna…

GATHEGI: That's awesome. I welcome them. The more stars we have the cooler the project can be. I'm not threatened. I've got mine, now come get yours.

LEFEVRE: I think also we spent so much time together filming, doing press, hanging out. We've really gotten to know each other. The perfect example is... Rob, for us, isn't Rob Pattinson. He's just dorky Rob. That whole thing has been an indication that it doesn't matter who comes in. We get along, we do our thing, and we have a great time. I think that energy is infectious. No matter who comes on board, even if they come from a bigger status, I think they'd be welcomed.

LUTZ: We do hazing.

LEFEVRE: I don't care who you are. We will haze you. There's no hierarchy.


What's the worst thing you've done to a cast member?

GATHEGI: Killed them.

LEFEVRE: Edi named Taylor "two-times-eight" because he's only 16. He's the youngest cast member. We never called him by his name, we'd just say "What's up two-times-eight?" And by the end the press tour he just looked like he was going to throttle us.

GATHEGI: By then we learned that he's a karate champion two times over so I had to tone that down. Plus he's not two-times-eight anymore -- he's 17.

LEFEVRE: About Kellan too... Whenever anyone would say, "Where's Kellan?" I'd say, "I don't know. Probably bench-pressing the hotel."

LUTZ: [Laughs.]

LEFEVRE: Where's Kellan? "Oh, I don't know. He's changing the tire on my trailer, on his back." [Laughs.]
of course you can read the whole interview here: Fearnet
The thing that interested me is that Rachelle seems to have quite a part in New Moon - even though in the book the only glimpse we get of her is her flaming red hair post-cliff dive. Maybe that means she'll be scripted in to have scenes where she appears rather than just be a 'feeling' that Victoria is after Bella

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