Saturday, February 28, 2009

More Twilight in Japan

sneaking whatever time i can between moving houses to update my er um fans :D

more vids from the Twilight signing in Japan. Looks so fangirly!! definitely screaming worthy of them American fans that's for sure!

Rob's signing...


Kristen - looking gorgeous as usual...

thanks to Twilight Lexicon for the tip offs!

Twilight in Japan

just some quick videos of Rob, Kristen and taylor at the Japan Twilight Premiere. I'm out of time and I'm not sure if i'll be able to post the rest of this weekend. Be back Monday for sure though - never fear! :p

Looks awesome, I've always wanted to go Japan, ever since I took Japanes for like a semester back in High School :D day maybe!

source: New Moon Movie

Kristen and her beat up old car

with all this buzz and "backlash" about Kristen's dad saying that Twilight isn't a "great movie" - I don't really want to get into the speculation and what-not, what's done is can read on it here: Twilight Lexicon and here: MTV - I just wanted to post this picture that I saw when logging into MSN

It's interesting to note that she's still driving an older model car, obviously nothing in comparison to Bella's truck - which i have a picture of someone else's truck that I saw the other day, and I thought, "hey that's Bella's!". But yeah, just interesting that after being a pretty big celeb (okay not that big, but Twilight world big) she hasn't upgraded...

source: MSN Entertainment fix

Dakota Confirmed.

It seems that Dakota Fanning has been confirmed for New Moon. Awesome. I really can't wait to see her as Jane!

“THE TWILIGHT SAGA’S NEW MOON” Feature Film 02-12-09
STATUS - March 23 LOCATION - Vancouver - Italy
PRODUCER: Patrick Wachsberger - Wyck Godfrey WRITER: Melissa Rosenberg DIRECTOR: Chris Weitz LP: Bill Bannerman PM: Barbara Kelly
CAST: Robert Pattinson - Kristen Stewart - Taylor Lautner - Billy Burke - Gil Birmingham - Peter Facinelli -Elizabeth Reaser -Ashley Greene - Jackson Rathbone - Kellan Lutz - Nikki Reed - Dakota Fanning
All is not well between demon-magnet Bella and Edward Cullen, her vampire Romeo. An innocent papercut at Edward’s house puts Bella in grave danger when various members of the Cullen family can barely resist their hunger at the smell of blood. The Cullens promptly leave town, afraid of endangering Edward’s beloved, and Bella sinks into an overwhelming depression. Months later, she finally emerges from her funk to rebuild her life, focusing on her friendship with besotted teen Jacob from the reservation. Bella’s unhealthy enthrallment to Edward leads her into dangerous and self-destructive behavior despite her new friends, and supernatural complications are bound to reappear. Bella’s being hunted by an evil vampire, and Jacob’s adolescent male rage turns out to be incipient lycanthropy: It seems many Quileute Indians become werewolves in the presence of vampires, their natural enemies. (March 23 - May 20 / will shoot in the ancient Tuscan city of Volterra for two weeks in May - Release date Nov. 20, 2009)
Source: New Moon Movie

Of course we all know nothing is confirmed until they're in the movie acting out the scene. I mean look at Annalynne McCord - one minute confirmed then next minute out, then next minute in...well you get the drift!

New Moon Movie International Release Dates

For all you gals and guys that didn't particularly care about New Moon being released in NZ on 19th November, then you'll probably like this info...

New Moon will be released on November 19, 2009 in Australia.
New Moon will be released on November 19, 2009 in New Zealand.
New Moon will be released on November 20, 2009 in the USA.
New Moon will be released on November 20, 2009 in Canada.
New Moon will be released on November 20, 2009 in Norway.
New Moon will be released on November 20, 2009 in Brazil.
New Moon will be released on November 20, 2009 in Finland.
New Moon will be released on November 27, 2009 in the UK.
New Moon will be released on January 7, 2010 in Germany.
New Moon will be released on November 20, 2009 in Italy.

source: New Moon Movie

*does a little dance* ultimately NZ will still be first - we get to see the new day first! :D

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Best New Moon news for NZ!

New Zealand has it's official New Moon release date set. And it's 19th November 2009 - NZ time! Time difference is 18 hours ahead of New York, and 21 hours ahead of LA. So technically when New Moon is out in the US on the 20th - it'll be the 21st here in NZ :p we get it TWO days before them?

no way.

I'm feeling kinda smug here. haha. Not only do we get to see the sun rise first before the rest of the world, we get to see New Moon in cinema's 2 days ahead of the States? I wonder why that is...seems kinda weird, doesn't quite add up....

well i better live this high while I still can, cause knowing how this world works...something else will trump this news for us :p

oh here's the info from the TVNZ website:
Well, ahead of the DVD release in April, TV2 Movies has some good news for you.
A release date's been set for New Moon in New Zealand.
So, Twihards, mark this date in your calendar.
November the 19th, 2009.
Because that's when Bella, Edward, Jacob and the gang will be back on the big screen.
America has a release date of November the 20th, 2009 - so with the time difference you'll get to see it before the American market.
source: TVNZ

Twilight soundtrack CD/DVD

hmmmm more merch... cd/dvd to be released from amazon on march 17th, and you can buy it for $19.99 :) they'll probably have that out here soon i reckon...


Disc: 1
1. Supermassive Black Hole (Muse)
2. Decode (Paramore)
3. Full Moon (The Black Ghosts)
4. Leave Out All The Rest (Linkin Park)
5. Spotlight(Twilight Mix) (MuteMath)
6. Go All The Way (Into The Twilight) (Perry Farrell)
7. Tremble for My Beloved (Collective Soul)
8. I Caught Myself (Paramore)
9. Eyes On Fire (Blue Foundation)
10. Never Think (Rob Pattinson)
See all 17 tracks on this disc
Disc: 2
1. Interview with Alex Patsavas, Music Supervisor for Twilight (DVD)
2. Interview with Hayley Williams, Paramore (DVD)
3. Paramore- Decode Music Video (DVD)
4. Paramore- Decode (Beyond the Video)(DVD)
5. The Black Ghosts- Full Moon Music Video (DVD)
6. Iron & Wine- Flightless Bird, American Mouth (Live)(DVD)

link: amazon

Solomon Trimble interview

Twilight Lexicon interviewed Solomon Trimble (aka Sam Uley)

He seems like a really nice, sweet guy, seems really down to earth and sensitive. I really hope he gets recasted as Sam. Just cause he didn't have much of a part in Twilight doesn't mean they should find someone else to play Sam! Stick to Solomon guys, he IS Sam!

here's a bit from the interview:

When asked "What is your most memorable fan encounter?"

...So I’m standing there shirtless and I start to disrobe when I realize she’s right next to me getting a free show. She smiles and hands me a Twilight poster and a pen then blushes and says “All I wanted was an autograph.” Just then an old naked man walks by and she realizes where she is. She runs half way down the hall and pauses. She turns and runs back to me and says “Well this can’t get any worse, so just sign it and I’ll get back to my humiliating life.” I singed the photo “To: Peeping Tommie, From: Your half naked wolf, Solomon…” I could hear her laughing from the parking lot as she described the whole thing to a friend on her cell phone. As for the naked old man, he was unharmed.

LOL haha, that is embarrassing!

Source: Twilight Lexicon

Kristen in Japan

Gossip Girls has the latest pics of Kristen Stewart touching down in Tokyo

source : Gossip Girls

Hot Topic guessing game

Twilight Lexicon Blog and Hot Topic have a guessing game going - there may be a prize at the end...

Hint one: “I Heart Bella!”

My personal opinion...I think it's Jacob. Edward would be too obvious. I dunno how they're picking the winner, but I think the majority of people would say it's something Edward related. But then again maybe they want us to think that way...tricky tricky...

Link: Twilight Lexicon

Hint two: "Prom"

I think it's a Jacob doll (dressed in his "prom" clothes). It's in Twilight the movie, the part where he shows up to talk to Bella. Hot Topic are promoting the DVD. New Moon is coming up, why not promote New Moon and focus on Jacob? ...still something is nagging at the back of my mind saying that they can't take the focus away from Edward...ultimately it comes down to Edward Cullen....

Link: Twilight Lexicon

Oh right...Demi's interview

totally forgot to post the video clip of MTV's brief interview with Demi Lovato. My bad :p

Demi Lovato on New Moon?

So the latest star to want to hop on the New Moon/Twilight band wagon is Demi Lovato. It has just been brought to attention that she wants to be involved in New Moon, cast or soundtrack (both?) (source: New Moon Movie).

And I might lose a lot of followers from my blog by saying this (who am I kidding, I only have 2 followers, and if you 2 can't handle my opinion then don't let the door hit you on the way out!) but I like her, she's cute, and funky, and not OTT like Miley Cyrus. I even like her voice. I'm not saying this coz I'm a fan of her or that I follow her work. I just think the girl needs a fair chance when it comes down to New Moon.

I hardly ever comment on other sites, but yeah everyone is tearing her apart! All with varying degrees of "NO TO DISNEY!!". Okay, I get she's Disney, and a lot of those people are saying "it's not that she's Disney", whilst all the while saying "she should stick to Disney!!" - I don't know, so mind boggling. But yeah, so what if she's Disney? I put all that aside, who cares about her past or present, what should matter is her potential! Music styles can change, I like a wide range of music, I seriously do, and even my favourite artist can produce music that is not their usual style. I never thought Paramore's songs would fit Twilight, but they wrote Decode for Twilight, and it worked didn't it? It'd be a challenge for her.

And gosh what about Jackson, he was Disney! should we kick him out of New Moon too?

Heck, we all know Disney stars don't need any more help being propelled into the spotlight - being a Disney star does that all for them!
The point of this rant is....don't rule her out based on her celeb appearance status before you give her a fair chance.

Now rant aside *calms down and starts speaking less defensively and more coherently and logically...*

I think that although she has a good voice, unless she can change her style of music, or tone it down to something a little more soulful and not so upbeat she shouldn't be on the New Moon soundtrack.
As for the acting, I think she could make a nice addition to Quileute Res (maybe, doubt she's any amount of Native American...). I've only seen her on Camp Rock (yes it was TV and there was nothing else on....STOP JUDGING ME!!!) but I think she could handle a small role on the wolf side. I'd give her that at least. She seems a bit young though, maybe Eclipse? oh maybe she could play Rachel (haha)

and at least she's a fan of Twilight, and has actually SEEN it.

side note, do you think maybe soon there will be some news about Kelly Clarkson on the New Moon soundtrack? o_O I mean she is also a big fan...and all these celeb fans seem to want a piece of twilight...would Twilight fans accept Kelly Clarkson? hmmm....I shall ponder that myself since no one comments on here anyway (hahah <- laughs with self)

Stephenie spotted in Vancouver

The brains behind Twilight herself is in Vancouver. I like, this means the ball is really rolling now. All we need is Taylor, Kristen and the rest of the cast! But we all know they're in Japan - or heading there at least...

TwiCrack Addict has the rest: TwiCrack

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Kristen Stewart: Bella of the Ball!

What with all this Rob hype, I never once stopped to think there would be a Kristen book out there, the must be more than one though. Whilst browsing for Rob books on Fishpond, I stumbled upon the Kristen book by Jo Hurley/Laura Dower called Kristen Stewart: Bella of the Ball! The title actually made me LOL a bit, but I seriously had no idea such a book even existed...
Well I'm going to keep an eye out for it from now on. Its both weird and silly that all the focus tends to be on poor Rob - overnight idol just coz Twilight consists of mainly teen girl fans...

But yeah if you want you can get a copy (or just have a browse) here:

Kristen Stewart: Bella of the Ball!

and of course you can get it at Borders:

True Love Never Dies

I have in my hot little hands a copy oh Josie Rusher's book Robert Pattinson: True Love Never Dies. It's out here in NZ and it's a pretty cool book on Robert Pattinson. It has heaps of colour pages and heaps of close ups! 64 pages

here are some scans as a preview....

NZers can order it here:
Robert Pattinson: True Love Never Dies'>

all others can pre-order here from Borders:

Stephenie Meyer on Vogue

Vogue has done a feature story "Dreamcatcher" on Stephenie Meyer herself.

here's a little snippet of the interview:

With a little Internet research, the meadow became the woods outside Forks,
Washington, one of the rainiest (and thus potentially most vampire-friendly)
places in the United States, and the two people became Isabella "Bella" Swan—a
teenage girl who had moved to Forks from Phoenix—and Edward Cullen, vampire. It
took precisely three months of typing, late at night, her husband wondering what
was going on at the computer. She shared pages only with her older sister. "What
if it was completely stupid?" she says now. With her sister's encouragement, she
sent it to an agent, where it landed in a slush pile, where an assistant found
it. It was then sent to Tingley, senior vice president of Little, Brown Books
for Young Readers—Little, Brown was seeing a trend emerging for horror books
featuring young women. After reading it on a plane to California, Tingley was
offering a three-book deal, which terrified Meyer. "I was just totally bowled
over," Tingley says. Meyer had been hoping to pay off her car and ended up with
a $750,000 advance. For her it's a dream come true in terms of youth-reading
interest. "Books are a big entertainment deal for teenagers now—that's the
coolest thing in the world," she says. "What an amazing gift for me that someone
could say, 'I read now.' "
She looks stunning in the photoshoot!


Rob in Tokyo

looks like Rob is already in Tokyo! seems like yesterday we just saw him at the oscars...I must be losing track of time!

of course he was 'greeted' by his Japanese fans (when will they ever come to NZ? haha right....)

and it looks like the return of the beanie! lol

source with more pics: gossip girls

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Bronson Pelletier confirmed for New Moon

Twilight Lexicon Blog has the news that Bronson Pelletier has been confirmed as part of the cast for New Moon. The question now is as who? I guess he could play Seth - but somehow I doubt if Seth will be included in New Moon even though I think he gets a tiny look in in the book.

This is what his agency says: "Congratulations to BRONSON who scores a lead role in the highly anticipated "Twilight" feature film sequel "New Moon". It's rumored he will be co-staring with Dakota Fanning."

hmmm time for speculation :D I think it's most likely Quill, if they're going literally by saying "lead role" and depending on how the script is written, it can't be Seth. Lead role in my view would be Bella/Jacob but all those lead type roles are already taken. He doesn't look mature enough for Sam. He doesn't look feisty enough to be Paul. It's gotta be either Quill or Embry. Well who ever he plays, good on him for scoring a role in New Moon!

source: Twilight Lexicon Blog

Summit + Hardwicke again?

'Twilight' director Catherine Hardwicke in talks for young-adult film 'If I Stay'
Summit Entertainment is trying to make lightning strike twice. The studio behind
the Twilight movie series has plans to adapt a buzzy young-adult novel called If
I Stay with Twilight director Catherine Hardwicke at the helm, EW has learned
exclusively. The studio would not confirm the plan; a Summit insider said the
parties are negotiating and a deal is not yet complete.
The book, from author/journalist Gayle Forman (Sisters in Sanity), doesn't hit shelves until April 1 but was scooped up by Summit last month. The project centers on 17-year old musician Mia who, after a violent car accident, finds herself watching her damaged body taken from the wreck. She must decide whether or not she has the will to live.
It's interesting that Hardwicke and Summit would team up again
considering how the two parted ways after Twilight became a massive worldwide
box office success. This reunion suggests that rumors of discord between the
director and her studio may have been greatly exaggerated.
Looks like an interesting read, I'm intrigued - I must find out more about this book :)

source: EW

Twicon Happy Birthday to Ashley

I just love this's coz I just love Jackson with Ashley lol. You'll see why...

Find more videos like this on Twifans

Ashley Greene has read the script!!!

lol ok the title is a little OTT. Extra joined Ashley at her 22nd birthday party at Prive and interviewed her.

Greene exclaims, “I’m so excited. I finally, finally got the script….and it’s
good. It’s really good….I’m really excited to work with Chris [Wentz, director].
I finally spoke to him the other day.” She adds, “I like it [script] better than
the first one. I might be biased because I have a bigger part.”
you can read more here: Twilight Lexicon Blog

Kellan imitates Rob

Twicrack have found this funny video of Kellan doing a Rob impersonation run at the SF Salute to Twilight con.
check it out:

Jackson and his Disney voice

Jackson and Ashley at the SF Salute to Twilight Con, with Jackson doing his 411 voice. He's so adorable...:D

Find more videos like this on Twifans

Rob gives a little insight into New Moon....

This is kinda tiny news IMO...

'Twilight' star Robert Pattinson talks 'New Moon' at the Oscars

EW caught up with Twilight star -- and Oscar presenter -- Robert Pattinson
at the Academy Awards' Governors Ball on Sunday night. The actor was hanging out
near the party's sushi bar and had just posed for a photograph with one of the
girls from Slumdog Millionaire, when he offered this tidbit on his post-Oscar
plans: "This is my last night of light. I go up to Canada soon [to shoot the
Twlight sequel, New Moon]. And my character goes 50 times darker then it did in
the first movie."

source: EW

Dakota Fanning interview have an interview with Dakota for her movie Push...and of course there's bound to be a twilight related question...

Q: Is it true you're signed up to play a vampire in New Moon, the sequel to
blockbuster bloodsucker movie Twilight?
DF: Possibly, I hope it works out.
It would be really cool to be a part of that. I think the actors are amazing and
I'm a big fan.

Q: What role would you play?
DF: I think it would
be Jane. She's a vampire in the film.

You can read the rest here:

Vanessa Hudgens comments on rumours

HSM starlet Vanessa Hudgens had a busy night last night at the 2009
The 20-year-old actress ran into Extra last night on the red
and commented on the rumors still surrounding her and the Twilight
movies. She
shared with Mario Lopez, “It’s still a rumor. I’m really
interested, I think
it’s a great project but nothing’s happening as of now.
Yes, love it [the
movie]. My sister [Stella Hudgens] has read all of the
books too.”

source: JustJaredJr.

Oscar Vids

Everywhere I turn, there seems to be Oscar vids of Rob popping up I thought I'd post a few:

oh Rob has the goofiest laugh!

Kristen on Nylon

Kristen Stewart made the cover of Nylon Magazine. She's a really beautiful actress. There's a nice interview too - caution not pg13 contains some language that may be inappropriate for minors :p
source: Nylon

Twilight Board Game?

oh gosh, just when I thought Twilight merchandise couldn't get any whackier! They're bringing out a twilight board game..... Looks like it could be fun though :p but man way to cash in on the hype.

see more here: io9

UPDATE: if you're in NZ, Whitcoulls are now selling these :)

Shake it Mike!

Mike Welch reenacts his diner 'scene' at the Salute to Twilight Con. definitely something you've gotta see!

Find more videos like this on Twifans

Monday, February 23, 2009

Rob presents...

Rob and Amanda Seyfried have presented! I never realised before how silent and awkward these award ceremonies could get :p It's sooooo quiet! But of course despite Rob previously saying that he he did horribly at rehearsals, the real thing wasn't that bad. So much pressure though!
highlight: Rob: "I had to become a vampire to find love"

Video footage by Pwned by Twilight.

Kristen and Rob interview

I found this interview on Kristen Stewart Fan that I'd never seen before (I've seen A LOT of interviews to the point when my broadband capped - then try watching stuff on dial up :p). But yeah I liked it, it's very mellow, and there's no awkward pauses (or any cringe worthy moments)
Rob (in a girly voice): "because he's sexyyy!"

Yummy Rob hits the Red Carpet!

Rob at the Oscars, looking his usual swooning self. Loving that his hair is growing back, what the big deal was I'll never know.
anyway check out his video of his interview with Ryan Seacrest:

and MTV has the shot of him on the Red carpet:

source: MTV

Beaking Dawn: Special edition reports that there will be a Breaking Dawn: Special Edition coming out July 14, 2009:
About the book:
Description: This special edition of the fourth book in
Stephenie Meyer’s riveting vampire love saga includes a full color poster and
other exclusives.

check it out at Amazon - I don't see anything special at Amazon about this product - I can't even seem to find the description that says there's a poster and other exclusives....

But would be awesome for extra material! (not as interested in the poster - have heaps already LOL)

You can read it here: New Moon Movie

New interview with Stephenie Meyer

Paris Match (a French magazine) have a new interview with Stephenie Meyer, and Twilighters Anonymous have the translated version!

How did you create Edward Cullen’s character?

It’s Edward who forced me to write.
It’s a gift of my subconscious. I had a dream, that I put on paper when I woke
up. Edward was in it. I did not need to invent him, I knew him. It was more
difficult with Bella, the saga’s heroine. It was harder to understand and define

This part confused me a little bit:

Is a continuation possible?

I do not know yet. There are so many ways to explore, the characters can still evolve. I think Bella has a bright future… But I am not working on it at the moment. I need to leave my vampires alone, before starting over. I wrote other stories, I have other ideas. And if I want to see Eward and Bella again , I will go and bother them!

I was under the impression that Breaking Dawn was the end of the Twilight nothing. Then rereading I thought that this might've been an older interview (pre-breaking dawn)? possible? Here's me not trying to get my hopes up for wanting more Twilight, but at the same time wanting to leave the end as it is - no risk of ruining it...

You can read the whole thing here: Twilighters Anonymous

Salute to Twilight Con pictures have updated their gallery with pictures from the Salute to Twilight Con! I love the 'woods' backdrop they have going, very earthy and very Twilight :)
you can check the rest out here:

Taylor Lautner spotted!

JJJ readers Taylor and Jessica ran into Twilight hunk Taylor Lautner on Saturday night (February 21) in Studio City, Calif.
The JJJ BFFs write, “Tonight we were having dinner at City Wok
in Studio City and just when we were finishing dinner Taylor Lautner walked in!
We asked to take a picture and he said ‘Yeah, sure.’ He was so nice and as we
were leaving he told us to have a nice night.”

source: JustJaredJr.

Karen Walker vamps it up!

Blame it on the insane popularity of the Twilight series - vampires seem to
be all the rage these days. And it looks like Kiwi designer Karen Walker has
been bitten by the vampire bug with her latest eyewear collection, Celebrate the
Featuring 31 pieces, the new range moves away from oversized plastic
frames to bold metal silhouettes worn by some very cool and very smiley
The idea behind the campaign, shot by New York-based photographer
Derek Kettala, is that even those who "loathe the sun" will want to don these
cool shades and go out to celebrate it.
Feel free to do the same - visit for stockists.

haha the photo just made me laugh coz I see Jessica Alba everytime i look at it! It's always cool to see New Zealand designers in the spotlight.


Some icons...

Princessbloomy has some funny icons that made me LOL...

uez-potta0.gif <-- this one was my favourite :)
b67-potta0.gif zum-potta0.gif 35q-potta0.gif

n81-potc02.png <--but this one made me crack up! haha has some cute Rosalie/Emmett icons as well...

this last one takes the cake!LOL

credit and props to you guys who make these icons possible, you guys are mega geniuses!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Nikki Reed on 944

Sometimes I feel like Nikki Reed doesn't get as much news time as the rest of the Twilight cast (which she may thank God for??) so I thought I'd stick her in my blog :)

She features on the Cover of 944 magazine, and here are some pics of her at the 944 "Young Hollywood" launch party:

*sometimes* Nikki looks like Natalie Portman (depending on the angle), just thought I'd throw that in there...
more here:

Ms. Ashley Greene

photos of Ashley Greene at her birthday party at Prive have emerged. And can I say, Ashley looks mighty fine as usual :D

hehe, Ashley's signature 'wave' pose:

well it could be worse...she could pull a Miley Cyrus and do the peace sign.... LOL I spoke too soon:

you can see the rest here: