Saturday, February 21, 2009

"5 Reasons Why New Moon Could be Better Than Twilight"

The Deadbolt gives us the run down of reasons why they think New Moon could be better than Twilight.
Here's the original story: The Deadbolt Feature
Here's my cut down version (my 2 cents :p):

Here are 5 reasons why we think New Moon could be better than Twilight:

"New characters, new conflict": Basically the main story has already been developed, which leaves New Moon to focus on going deeper into the foundations already laid - what we've known as truths or realities in Twilight will be tested and questioned. Cue the complexities of love.

"Starlet in Shadows: Dakota Fanning?" The addition of Dakota Fanning will definitely mean that the acting standards will be raised. She is pretty well known for being a child actor. "Although many fans have questioned whether Fanning for role of Jane is the right choice, Dakota brings to the table a masterful range of emotion and a wealth of A-list experience." <- I agree. The girl can act. How can someone who can act not make the film much better (not saying our twilight cast can't act of course). I seriously think some people are just anti-child stars. I've always thought of her as a "child star" but I've always envied her coz she can act! and seeing her now pictures, she sure has grown up too!

"Digging deeper in the name of love": "The success of New Moon over Twilight lies in the ability of actors to inhabit their characters on a deeper level. What Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson bring to Bella and Edward for New Moon will require more than just reading lines from a page. Twilight showed us the magic of an inevitable love story and New Moon will continue the saga in a richer manner. It’s the love story that will force Pattinson and Stewart to go deeper inside themselves as actors than they did in Twilight. Usually when people reach deep and go beyond their comfort zones, good things happen. In this case, it will all be in the name of love." <- I couldn't have put it better myself. New Moon does encompass some serious complex ideas. Think the power of love. think Romeo and Juliet. Think epic love. It all goes beyond the 'superficial' argument that I've often heard about why Edward and Bella shouldn't be together - that there is nothing more to their relationship than Edward's lust for Bella's blood. Those people are WRONG. okay....maybe I went a little off track there (haha).

"Setting the new mood": new/more settings - more locations = more possibilites. "slumping economy" means more value for their American dollar in Vancouver = technically a bigger budget (in vancouver). Bigger budget = even bigger possibilites. (YUSS!)

"The Quileute Tribe and the Legend": More of the Quileute legend - "legend and lore allow fans to journey deeper into the mythology and intricacies of New Moon’s opposing forces." In short insight into the Vampire/Werewolf rivalry-enemy stuff. More history, more back story, adding another dimension to the already built twilight dimensions. And also essentially complicating things.

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