Thursday, February 26, 2009

Best New Moon news for NZ!

New Zealand has it's official New Moon release date set. And it's 19th November 2009 - NZ time! Time difference is 18 hours ahead of New York, and 21 hours ahead of LA. So technically when New Moon is out in the US on the 20th - it'll be the 21st here in NZ :p we get it TWO days before them?

no way.

I'm feeling kinda smug here. haha. Not only do we get to see the sun rise first before the rest of the world, we get to see New Moon in cinema's 2 days ahead of the States? I wonder why that is...seems kinda weird, doesn't quite add up....

well i better live this high while I still can, cause knowing how this world works...something else will trump this news for us :p

oh here's the info from the TVNZ website:
Well, ahead of the DVD release in April, TV2 Movies has some good news for you.
A release date's been set for New Moon in New Zealand.
So, Twihards, mark this date in your calendar.
November the 19th, 2009.
Because that's when Bella, Edward, Jacob and the gang will be back on the big screen.
America has a release date of November the 20th, 2009 - so with the time difference you'll get to see it before the American market.
source: TVNZ

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