Monday, February 23, 2009

New interview with Stephenie Meyer

Paris Match (a French magazine) have a new interview with Stephenie Meyer, and Twilighters Anonymous have the translated version!

How did you create Edward Cullen’s character?

It’s Edward who forced me to write.
It’s a gift of my subconscious. I had a dream, that I put on paper when I woke
up. Edward was in it. I did not need to invent him, I knew him. It was more
difficult with Bella, the saga’s heroine. It was harder to understand and define

This part confused me a little bit:

Is a continuation possible?

I do not know yet. There are so many ways to explore, the characters can still evolve. I think Bella has a bright future… But I am not working on it at the moment. I need to leave my vampires alone, before starting over. I wrote other stories, I have other ideas. And if I want to see Eward and Bella again , I will go and bother them!

I was under the impression that Breaking Dawn was the end of the Twilight nothing. Then rereading I thought that this might've been an older interview (pre-breaking dawn)? possible? Here's me not trying to get my hopes up for wanting more Twilight, but at the same time wanting to leave the end as it is - no risk of ruining it...

You can read the whole thing here: Twilighters Anonymous

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