Thursday, February 26, 2009

Hot Topic guessing game

Twilight Lexicon Blog and Hot Topic have a guessing game going - there may be a prize at the end...

Hint one: “I Heart Bella!”

My personal opinion...I think it's Jacob. Edward would be too obvious. I dunno how they're picking the winner, but I think the majority of people would say it's something Edward related. But then again maybe they want us to think that way...tricky tricky...

Link: Twilight Lexicon

Hint two: "Prom"

I think it's a Jacob doll (dressed in his "prom" clothes). It's in Twilight the movie, the part where he shows up to talk to Bella. Hot Topic are promoting the DVD. New Moon is coming up, why not promote New Moon and focus on Jacob? ...still something is nagging at the back of my mind saying that they can't take the focus away from Edward...ultimately it comes down to Edward Cullen....

Link: Twilight Lexicon

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