Thursday, February 26, 2009

Solomon Trimble interview

Twilight Lexicon interviewed Solomon Trimble (aka Sam Uley)

He seems like a really nice, sweet guy, seems really down to earth and sensitive. I really hope he gets recasted as Sam. Just cause he didn't have much of a part in Twilight doesn't mean they should find someone else to play Sam! Stick to Solomon guys, he IS Sam!

here's a bit from the interview:

When asked "What is your most memorable fan encounter?"

...So I’m standing there shirtless and I start to disrobe when I realize she’s right next to me getting a free show. She smiles and hands me a Twilight poster and a pen then blushes and says “All I wanted was an autograph.” Just then an old naked man walks by and she realizes where she is. She runs half way down the hall and pauses. She turns and runs back to me and says “Well this can’t get any worse, so just sign it and I’ll get back to my humiliating life.” I singed the photo “To: Peeping Tommie, From: Your half naked wolf, Solomon…” I could hear her laughing from the parking lot as she described the whole thing to a friend on her cell phone. As for the naked old man, he was unharmed.

LOL haha, that is embarrassing!

Source: Twilight Lexicon

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