Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Stephenie Meyer on Vogue

Vogue has done a feature story "Dreamcatcher" on Stephenie Meyer herself.

here's a little snippet of the interview:

With a little Internet research, the meadow became the woods outside Forks,
Washington, one of the rainiest (and thus potentially most vampire-friendly)
places in the United States, and the two people became Isabella "Bella" Swan—a
teenage girl who had moved to Forks from Phoenix—and Edward Cullen, vampire. It
took precisely three months of typing, late at night, her husband wondering what
was going on at the computer. She shared pages only with her older sister. "What
if it was completely stupid?" she says now. With her sister's encouragement, she
sent it to an agent, where it landed in a slush pile, where an assistant found
it. It was then sent to Tingley, senior vice president of Little, Brown Books
for Young Readers—Little, Brown was seeing a trend emerging for horror books
featuring young women. After reading it on a plane to California, Tingley was
offering a three-book deal, which terrified Meyer. "I was just totally bowled
over," Tingley says. Meyer had been hoping to pay off her car and ended up with
a $750,000 advance. For her it's a dream come true in terms of youth-reading
interest. "Books are a big entertainment deal for teenagers now—that's the
coolest thing in the world," she says. "What an amazing gift for me that someone
could say, 'I read now.' "
She looks stunning in the photoshoot!


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