Thursday, February 26, 2009

Demi Lovato on New Moon?

So the latest star to want to hop on the New Moon/Twilight band wagon is Demi Lovato. It has just been brought to attention that she wants to be involved in New Moon, cast or soundtrack (both?) (source: New Moon Movie).

And I might lose a lot of followers from my blog by saying this (who am I kidding, I only have 2 followers, and if you 2 can't handle my opinion then don't let the door hit you on the way out!) but I like her, she's cute, and funky, and not OTT like Miley Cyrus. I even like her voice. I'm not saying this coz I'm a fan of her or that I follow her work. I just think the girl needs a fair chance when it comes down to New Moon.

I hardly ever comment on other sites, but yeah everyone is tearing her apart! All with varying degrees of "NO TO DISNEY!!". Okay, I get she's Disney, and a lot of those people are saying "it's not that she's Disney", whilst all the while saying "she should stick to Disney!!" - I don't know, so mind boggling. But yeah, so what if she's Disney? I put all that aside, who cares about her past or present, what should matter is her potential! Music styles can change, I like a wide range of music, I seriously do, and even my favourite artist can produce music that is not their usual style. I never thought Paramore's songs would fit Twilight, but they wrote Decode for Twilight, and it worked didn't it? It'd be a challenge for her.

And gosh what about Jackson, he was Disney! should we kick him out of New Moon too?

Heck, we all know Disney stars don't need any more help being propelled into the spotlight - being a Disney star does that all for them!
The point of this rant is....don't rule her out based on her celeb appearance status before you give her a fair chance.

Now rant aside *calms down and starts speaking less defensively and more coherently and logically...*

I think that although she has a good voice, unless she can change her style of music, or tone it down to something a little more soulful and not so upbeat she shouldn't be on the New Moon soundtrack.
As for the acting, I think she could make a nice addition to Quileute Res (maybe, doubt she's any amount of Native American...). I've only seen her on Camp Rock (yes it was TV and there was nothing else on....STOP JUDGING ME!!!) but I think she could handle a small role on the wolf side. I'd give her that at least. She seems a bit young though, maybe Eclipse? oh maybe she could play Rachel (haha)

and at least she's a fan of Twilight, and has actually SEEN it.

side note, do you think maybe soon there will be some news about Kelly Clarkson on the New Moon soundtrack? o_O I mean she is also a big fan...and all these celeb fans seem to want a piece of twilight...would Twilight fans accept Kelly Clarkson? hmmm....I shall ponder that myself since no one comments on here anyway (hahah <- laughs with self)

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