Friday, February 20, 2009

MTV's coverage of NECA's Twilight merch!

‘Twilight’ Invades The 2009 Toy Fair, And We Were There!

YAY even more cool merch. So excited, yet also already feeling very poor with the news of even more merch! anyone else feel like they're addicted to twilight you just have to have a set of Twilight character dolls............

I want a Jasper one, if that's one of the ones being made (of course they have to make all the Cullens...), but not if he's going to look evil like Edward - why are they hell bent on portraying Edward as evil through movie links?? haha I'd love to see Rosalie...I wonder if she will look like barbie...she'd give barbie a run for her money. That is unless she looks like Bella :p freaky!

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