Monday, August 31, 2009

WHO goes to Comic-Con

don't mind the creepy looking Megan Fox on the right...

The Vamp Trend.

I think it was a couple months back, a local NZ magazine ran an article about the vampire trend taking over - from Twilight to Karen Walker to True Blood...
Well anyway I've scanned it in - even though I've been really behind and haven't actually read it properly myself LOL...shall we read it together?

Rob On The Cover Of OK!

well, I thought I'd start updating my blog with some magazine articles and clippings I've accumulated over the past few or so weeks.

Let's start with the most recent one...
OK! Magazine (Australia) have a New Moon special which features Rob on the cover looking oh so smouldering.
I'm absolutely disappointed that they didn't have a page for Jackson?! I find that most mags and what-nots always leave Jackson out - whhhhyy?! Jasper is a Cullen too you know! okay so he's a Hale but same diff!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Twi Tour Australia - UPDATE

so here goes another update...
The Hub Prod. posted this:

With a heavy heart we have to advise that Peter will not be able to join us in October as his new television show Nurse Jackie has been picked up for a second season and will be filming. We look forward to Peter joining us in the new year as he his anxious to come our to Australia and meet all his fans.

However it is time to do the happy dance and jump up and down on the bed for joy as we already have secured an awesome much loved replacement in the delicious and delightful form of Mr Kellan Lutz ( be still our beating hearts).
The new line up for Brisbane and Sydney includes:

Charlie Bewley
Kellan Lutz
Chaske Spencer
Tinsel Korey


Charlie Bewley

Armageddon Melbourne:

Charlie Bewley
Kellan Lutz
Michael Welch

Armageddon Auckland:

Michael Welch

Also note possibly more guests to be announced.

Update: Kellan Lutz to attend Perth GO3 event, John Henson (Twilight costume curator) and Lee Safar (soundtrack) at Brisbane and Sydney, and John Henson at Melbourne Armageddon.


hmm...first post in a while. I don't even have any excuses so I'm not gunna even bother coming up with any!

Interesting 'doco' (is it a doco? i dunno) on tv the other night here in NZ...
20/20 had a segment about vampires living in New Zealand. Yes lil ol NZ.
One guy sleeps in a coffin and has porcelain capped fangs and another girl needs warm human blood as her energy source.

Interesting is the word alright. Anyways, can't embed the vid so will have to head on over to tvnz on demand to stream it (hopefully it works outside of NZ?)
And hey they even have some bits on Twilight in there :o)