Monday, August 31, 2009

The Vamp Trend.

I think it was a couple months back, a local NZ magazine ran an article about the vampire trend taking over - from Twilight to Karen Walker to True Blood...
Well anyway I've scanned it in - even though I've been really behind and haven't actually read it properly myself LOL...shall we read it together?


  1. Pardon? This artical just stated that stephenie meyer can't write, if she can't write well how did she make millions of dollars? some may say it is but a fad, but I can tell you I will like twilight even when its out of style; so will any true fan of this wonderful book.

  2. hmm....I dunno, it seems all they did was say that her books were successful despite having little experience prior - and of course quote Stephen King saying that she can't write blah blah blah...
    I personally agree with you to a certain degree. True long term fans will continue to love the books even after it's cinematic and merchandise expiry date - but it's still true that a large chunk of fans are purely "fangirls" (which absolutely gets on my nerves these days!)