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10 things New Moon movie has to have...

This pic just breaks my heart...

BuddyTV (byKim Wetter) has posted 10 things which they think will turn New Moon into an awesome movie.
I've got to say, New Moon is my least favourite book out of the series, doesn't mean that I don't like it. I just like happy over gut wrenching. But there are crucial parts of New Moon that just can't be compromised.

Here's the summarised version on that post...

10. Victoria’s plan must loom ominously.
Catherine Hardwicke set up Victoria as the ultimate villain at the end of Twilight so we need to see her presence continue to be a threat to Bella’s safety.

9. Charlie. Charlie. Charlie.
He tries so hard to be a good father to her. Charlie will be hurting when he sees Bella so depressed so the viewers need to see him try to make things better in his special Charlie-way.

8. More Bella and Alice interactions.
The tender romantic moments will be few and far between so they need to be replaced by some tender friendship moments.

7. Be careful with Jacob’s heart.
Our hearts can break a little for Jacob, but we’ll already be hurting a lot for Edward and Bella, so they must go easy on us.

6. Edward and Bella in love.
The viewers, especially viewers that haven’t read the books, need to see Edward and Bella as the soul mates hard-core fans know they are, otherwise, why would viewers want to see these two miserable people reunite?

5. Lighten up the script.
Having light humor involved will help split up the times where the viewer must dive into Bella’s depression with her.

4. The proposal.
He’s just caused her an immense amount of pain by leaving her and his redemption must be more than sweet.

3. Werewolf action.
The werewolves are coming out in full force and they need to “bring it.”

2. The Volturi are straight from a horror film.
The need to look creepy and be the types of images that might give us nightmares. We need to see the power behind them and feel the threat they impose.

1. Robert Pattinson.
We know that Edward struggles with his existence without Bella and we know he struggles with his decision. Seeing that will be nice but like Bella, it can’t go over the top. Seeing Edward/ Robert Pattinson in happier moments is a must.

I agree with all, except for the Volturi one. I think you have to feel their power, but I don't think they need to look like things out of a horror film. I think they just need to look evil.

and I wanted to add 2 to that list...
1. Viewers need to see that Jake hurts Bella too - he punches his own (smaller) hole in Bella's chest after starting to heal the one Edward created by leaving. It's to say that we're all capable of hurt; human, vampire or werewolf.

2. Wolf girl(s). Twilight was about Bella being a vamp girl. New Moon is about being a wolf girl. Bella has to meet Emily. Which creates the dynamic for Leah in Eclipse...that is they don't sneak Leah into New Moon.

Read te whole post here: BuddyTv

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