Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Jackson Rathbone interview

I love Jackson, he's so adorable :) I bet I must say that about all of the cast hehehe
but here's an interview he did with Brazillian site Foforks

here's a taste

F: Everyone went nuts when you talked about the Cullen Band,all the cast playing and singing must be awesome.Will we have the chance to see some of it while shooting New Moon maybe? or is there something on the Twilight extras?
J: Hmm… I’ll tell you what… I’ll try to get on filming a little bit of the next Cullen Family jam session, if it’s okay with the other cast.


F: *just a little ping pong: Please tell us the first thing that comes into your head.Fans: Bands.Food you cant not like without: Meat.Twilight or Harry Potter: Twilight!Ashley Greene: Jackson and Jasper’s QueenPerfect place in the world: Family.BRAZIL: Soon.. very soon….
awesome :)

link: Foforks

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