Friday, March 13, 2009

Rob lookin' smokin' on GQ!

*whistles* damn Rob is looking smokin on the cover of GQ! swooooooon

I just had to chuckle at this part of the article:

"In London, Pattinson’s friends watched in horror as the crowd swallowed him. At a mall in San Francisco, Pattinson was supposed to sign autographs for about 500 fans at a Hot Topic store; a few thousand showed up. Pattinson claims not to remember the chaos that resulted, although he says it in a shaky voice, like someone claiming not to remember shit that went down in Nam."

and this part:
"He was going to eat a burger in the car. He drove around and found a gas-station parking lot a few blocks away, intending to sit there and eat, “just hidden, in the darkness.“And I turn around,” he says, “and in the car next to me, there’s a woman giving a man a blow job! Right there, in the carpark!”
This is what this kind of attention does to you; to do the things that normal people do, you have to go where normal people go to do furtive things.
Somebody got pictures of him anyway. Hidden in the darkness! Like some kind of Hamburglar!
I loved this bit - it's so true!

"He’s obviously ridiculously photogenic, but he’s also so talented and has so much insight. I see him creating stylized, odd, wild, fantastical characters, like what Johnny Depp does.”
anyway you can read the rest here:

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