Monday, March 2, 2009

Twilight in Japan

some more vids from twilight Japan premiere, courtesy of Twilight Singapore. Awesome coverage guys!! :D

kind of a long vid...but still cool to watch if you have the time. Man, Rob has the quickest signature! I'm sure the dude can do 60 sigs in a minute :P I dunno about the others, I couldn't see. But I'd love to be at one of those signings :) I love Rob's hair at its current length, his hair was getting too long before, ad when he cut it it looked alright...but is hair just looks yummy now; he suits it better in my opinion!

part 2:

it's funny seeing how the language barrier is in play in this clip. Kristen is a dead give away with her hands lol. The only person that looks in his element regardless is Taylor!

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