Monday, March 2, 2009

OH IT'S ON! subscriber wars

I know this is a bit of old news (how fast does Twilight news become old news? :p)

but yeah Baily (aka nomoremarbles) and Kaleb (the twilight guy) have an epic subscriber war going. I haven't yet subscribed, I'm a regular but hardly a subscriber - but I will be now!

here are the vids. Bailey's is kinda long I must say, but basically the gist of it is if you subscribe to her youtube channel, and her number of subscribers doubles Kaleb's, she'll be giving out (at random) a phone call from Mike Welch (Mike Newton) himself. AWESOME.

and Kaleb, at random also will be giving away a whole bunch of signed Twilight books/photos/postcards etc...

Basically, it pays to subscribe. If you haven't subscribed...what the hell are you waiting for?!

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