Monday, March 9, 2009

Lucky fan!

I think it's around everywhere that it has been confirmed by a fan sighting that Rob and Taylor are now in Vancouver. Twilight Lexicon have the exclusive report on that said fan encounter. Sounds awesome, lucky fans! Sometimes I wish I didn't live in little ol' NZ. But I guess even a lot of Americans don't meet celebs on a regular basis anyway :p

here's what the fan (Mae) had to say about the encounter:

So my friends and I were walking on Robson Street in Downtown Vancouver for my birthday dinner. My friends were walking ahead of me and I trailed behind in pain from walking in heels. As I look up and see my friends walking in front, I see a face of a man I’m all too familiar with. All I could think about was “No way, you’ve GOT to be kidding me!”. You see, my friends and I knew Robert was in town and at the beginning of the week we were joking around saying it’d be hilarious if we saw him downtown.

My friends were just staring star-struck as he passed them. As soon as he reached me I whipped out my camera and immediately asked Robert if I could take a picture with him. He was SO friendly and said “Sure of course!”. I mentioned it was my birthday and he greeted me. We had a little discussion about how I met him before in Kalama. He was surprised and asked around what time that was. I said it was in March during their last days of filming there, but I don’t think he remembered, hehe. It’s okay. The whole time we were talking I looked to his left and realize Taylor Lautner was standing there! I freaked and said hi to him. He was all smiles, of course So I got my picture with them and then my friends and I just started socializing with them for a bit. And then I asked Taylor for a group picture and he gladly said yes. But their bodyguard said they had a meeting, but I refused to not have a group picture (haha yes, I was quite demanding). Then we said our goodbyes & I asked Taylor for a hug. Ladies … he gives the best hugs EVER! And let’s just say … his 6 months of working out felt REAL nice
((my favourite part right here:D))

It was an AMAZING birthday. Moral of the experience: Expect anything & everything at any given time or place.
I'd say, to have it happen on your birthday...that's just perfect!

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