Wednesday, March 4, 2009

New Moon expectations

Twilight Examiner have posted what scenes they expect New Moon/Chris Weitz to deliver...

So what are the expectations? Let's review a few of the famous scenes, and what this examiner expects of them.

1. The Birthday Scene - In this scene, not only should we get a glimpse of the elated joy that the unbelievable experience of getting to know and be loved by the fantastic Edward Cullen and the Cullen family in general, but we should also see a very hungry, animated Jasper Cullen. When Bella gets her tiny papercut, we should see Jasper, a character who didn't get much screentime in Twilight, deliver.

2. The Breakup - Yes, yes, as much as we all hated it in the book, it's gotta happen. And I want to see tears, Kristen! Tears!

3. The Woods - When Sam Uley finds Bella all wrecked in the woods, we need to see some trauma. When the book says catatonic, that's what it means and I hope the director gives Bella some time to wallow before she scoots off to Jacob Black.

... to be continued...

you can read the rest plus the comments here: Twilight Examiner

what I think....I think the first time Bella hears Edward's voice definitely has to be in there. It's pretty crucial in explaining why she does the things she does. There's more, I dunno...I'll have to think about that more. Gotta dash to class...maybe I'll ponder it during class :p

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