Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Drew Barrymore confirms director rumours

ETonline has the report:

Barrymore, 34, confirmed in a recent interview that she's being considered for 'Eclipse,' the third movie in the blockbuster vampire saga that began with 'Twilight' last year, the Associated Press reports. "I'm one of the directors that is being talked about, which is great, because I'm a director now," Barrymore said. "But, you know, they'll make their choice."

Barrymore made her feature directorial debut in the upcoming film 'Whip It,' which she also stars in along with Ellen Page, Jimmy Fallon and Juliette Lewis.
what do you guys think? I really don't know cause I haven't seen anything she's directed! I suppose her being in the business for a long time helps...but somehow she doesn't seem serious enough for Twilight, yet that could also be a good thing. I like the thought of a female director though. I guess time will tell.

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