Monday, March 16, 2009

Edward to sparkle better in New Moon!

I found this news very exciting.
New Moon Movie have posted this:

" reader Julie met Peter Facinelli at the UK Twilight Convention recently, and she had this interesting tidbit to share–

He talked to us about the script for New Moon and said he was happy with it. He mentioned his concerns at a man directing a story told from a woman’s (Bella’s) viewpoint, but how he was then totally reassured after meeting Chris Weitz the director. My favourite bit of insiders gossip that he gave us was one of the stage directions. In the New Moon script it says ‘the sunlight catches Edward’s skin and we see him sparkle’ ,it then says in brackets underneath (BUT BETTER THAN IN TWILIGHT) I guess they really are trying to improve the special effects!"
Hooray!!! Edward's sparkle in twilight was a tiy shimmer! I expected a total spakle. LIke BLING! lol so I'm really glad they've taken how badly it came off in Twilight into account. Great stuff guys!

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