Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Twilight Pre-orders in NZ

Borders NZ are now taking pre-orders for the Twilight DVD!!! *jumps up and down*

it's only the 2 disc edition...but still has some cool stuff if you pre-order online :D

This 2-Disc Limited Edition comes with these exciting additional features:
Extended Scenes with Director's Introduction
Deleted Scenes with Director's Introduction
Conversations and Interviews
Theatrical Teasers and Trailers
Music Videos

and a Borders exclusive...if you pre-order online you go into the draw to win a Twilight pack worth exactly AUD$1,020.28 (to enter you have to answer this question in 25 words or less: why are you passionate about twilight?)*sorry for NZ residents only!*

picture is small, but I think if you squint you can see there's books, shirts, I think we can guess the rest.

also every pre-order (I believe online and offline) gets a free Twilight Calico bag

the 2 dsc DVD costs $34.99

they will also have the blu-ray 2 disc edition for $39.99 and the regular single disc edition for $29.99

the link is here: pre-order twilight

Now the thing to note here is that Borders NZ doesn't usually do online sales! They never have product info on their site; they don't even have an email service! So it made me giggle a bit that they've now updated their site with Twilight on the homepage with online pre-orders....

also they will have a borders exclusive twilight video....wonder what it is? and how exclusive...

on top of that they have a whole page dedicated to Twilight merch they're currently selling - calendar, books, dvd, bookmarks,

haha gosh I feel like a Borders rep! they should pay me to blog about them :p but yeah this news just excited me so I had to blog it *shrugs shoulders*

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