Thursday, March 19, 2009

Tyson Houseman part of the wolf pack

OK, I have no idea how New Moon Movie has managed to find this out, but man they are genius! They figured out that the guy with the glasses in the wolf pack lunch pics is an unknown actor named Tyson Houseman.

"See the guy in the back over Taylor Lautner’s shoulder in this Punkd photo?
That is none other than Tyson Houseman, and we can exclusively report this after
discovering a post on his talent agency website that confirms it is true. On the website,he is listed with a role in New Moon, and it also includes a headshot that shows he is identical to the person in the photo, making this 100% certain. On the
agency website, it lists his specialties as snowboarding, skateboarding & guitar and his acting experience so far has been solely stage work."

Brilliant work! I wonder who he's playing, honestly I'm done guessing at this point. Any actor can be turned into almost any character so I really don't know. I'll post when confirmed. That is unles in the meantime I feel like speculating.

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