Monday, March 2, 2009

Solomon Trimble interview...

BellaandEdward have an interview with Solomon Trimble. He seems like a really nice guy, he always seems sweet in his interviews. I've got my fingers crossed that he keeps his part as Sam! have you got yours?

here's a snippet:
on his impromptu audition...
He [my brother] wanted to read and he wanted me to read too. He was like, "Come on, you've done this before!" so I practiced with him and I nearly had everything memorized before I went in anyway because I practiced it so much with him. I was really just there for his support, but Lana Veenker Casting was like, "You should just come in a read, you're already here!" and I had told my brother that I would read if he did. I went in and read for Catherine [Hardwicke], but I didn't know I was reading for the director of the film, I thought she was Lana Veenker because I had never seen her before! I probably called her Lana as I walked out of the auditions.


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