Thursday, March 12, 2009

More of the cast in Vancouver

wow Lainey Gossip has done it again (do they stalk the cast? :p)
seems like all except Peter has been spotted in Vancouver now!
Lainey Gossip has just posted some pics of Jackson, Ashley, Kellan and Elizabeth in Vancouver.

what they had to say about Jackson made me LOL:

Jackson Rathbone – hello, hello, HELL-OH.

Oh la.

Am not Team Edward, am not Team Jacob… but am now definitely Team Jasper. Only not when he’s in costume.

Dude, Jackson Rathbone is a sexy ass beast. BEAST!"

haha, what have I been telling you all along? Jackson is mighty fine :D

Grizzly Bear?

My favourite newest vegetarian Cullen :)

My favourite Twilight couple :)


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