Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Rob, Kristen and Taylor on Campbell Live

TV3's Kate Rodgers got to interview Rob, Kristen and Taylor in LA recently.

Not since Harry Potter have we seen a book series as popular - 52 weeks at the top of the New York bestsellers list and counting.

Unlike Potter though, we have far more hormones at play here. Twilight fans are passionate ones, as are a good many of their mothers.

Much of that passion is centred on a Vampire, played in the films by British actor Robert Pattinson.

Just the mere mention of Pattinson's name is enough to throw legions of Twilight fans into a breathless swoon. The fact he plays a vampire doesn't seem to lessen his appeal, in fact, as with his Twilight girlfriend Bella, it only appears to add to it.

Reflecting the hype for the movie, the marketing junket juggernaut for New Moon is enormous, and it seems everyone wants a bite of Edward Cullen.

So what is it about this Edward Cullen that has us all in a lather?

"I guess his strengths are, he's very humble, I guess that's also his weakness as well, the more he falls in love with Bella, the more he sees her as a vision of perfection and doesn't feel worthy of her at all.

"He's such an enigma in the books, such a blank canvas, people can project what they want."

New Moon is the young Brit's second Twilight, and since the first he's been fan-mobbed akin to the Beatles. The sequel will only up the fan ante.

"You just always have to remember what or if there is a reason to be doing what you're doing," says Pattinson. "I still find I have a reason, which I can't really express, ha ha.

"It doesn't make me unhappy. There are times when it's really annoying, but I guess that's the only time you really have to change, with the fame and all that stuff, it's not too bad."

For those of you who have been living under a rock and perhaps haven't heard of the Twilight story, it's the tale of a normal self-possessed young girl called Bella, and her love affair with a Vampire.

In the sequel New Moon, things get a little more complicated. Pattinson isn't the only cause for palpitations in the film.

We have in the Vampire corner Team Edward, while in the Werewolf corner, Team Jacob.

Adding more throb to the heart of this new Twilight story is Taylor Lautner, who plays Jacob, Bella's other man.

"Jacob is light, he cares about her (Bella), she just wants to be herself and have fun, so different to what she experiences with Edward," says Kristen Stewart who plays Bella.

"I love they start out as best friends, it grows into something more," says Lautner. "They are both good for Bella, protect her, loyal to her, just a question of left or right."

Jacob also enjoys howling at the moon, and has issues with vampires.

"It required me to go to some deep dark places," says Lautner of his role as Jacob. "The best thing I did was know the books inside out, because that's what the fans want to see."

So is Lautner getting the same treatment from fans that his co-star's are getting?

"We're travelling the world right now," he says. "Everywhere we go we same number of passionate fans, it's comforting, if we were making these films without them it would be a little scary."

But it's really Vampire Cullen who is the ying to Bella's yang, a ying-yang the tabloids would have us believe is reflected in the real world.

Stewart may or may not be Pattinson's girlfriend - a question expressly forbidden to be asked of either of them during these interviews - but she was certainly prepared to put her body on the line for this movie.

"I stepped on a rock, a part of the movie I wasn't even in, I stepped on a rock and sprained my ankle," says Stewart.

New Moon opens in New Zealand next week and more than 30,000 fans have already pre-booked tickets, and a good many have been busted hugging Edward Cullen posters in cinema lobbies.

And just for the record? Yes he is that hot in the flesh. Go Team Edward.

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