Tuesday, November 24, 2009

New Moon Cast: Jimmy Kimmel

vids are up =D

I love this intro!

Oh gosh the screaming! haha that's insane!

Taylor: "putting something in my mouth every 2 hours" hahahah OMJ...
Edward: "I thought that having a kind of completely pre-pubescent girl's body would work out. And then Taylor comes along and I'm like 'geez I'm gunna get fired!'" LOL.

Kristen: "I almost died tripping over a rock"
Rob: "I kinda strained one of my ass cheeks"
Kristen: "I remember a groinal pull" o_O

shirt misbuttoning. HAHA. Oh and Rob and his crying story. OMG I love this guy - he's hilarious!

I'm sure they paid that last guy to come on and propose lol.

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