Friday, November 20, 2009

The Team Converts...

Been hearing this a lot: "Team Jacob - cause he looks better half naked".

Ouch. Although I sorta agree. Couldn't they have given Edward/Rob a chest wax? Sure some girls dig hairy chests...I'm just not one of them. I heard a few "ewwws" at the premiere screening in Auckland. It was sad! As much as I love Taylor and his awesome abs, I don't want Edward to be beaten out by Jacob! NO!

So come on Rob - opt in for a chest wax. LOL. So superficial, but what a difference it makes to the storyline - doesn't it make it more understandable why Bella would love Edward (apart from not being able to choose who you love) over Jake?

Oh well - I'm one who can learn to deal. I just hope there's no more "ewws"...imagine if all the Rob lovers just suddenly became Taylor lovers....and people going to see the film hoping that Bella would choose Jacob.

*sighs* and rant over.

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  1. The only problem with that is most guys didn't get there chests waxed in 1918. Not exactly sure how you would effectively remove hair from a vampire body. But, it the name of science I volunteer to give it a try!