Friday, November 13, 2009

Close Up on the New Moon Film Set

Close Up have an interview segment with the cast of New Moon.
When Close Up presenter Mark Sainbury said "Werewolves - bare-chested beefcakes...." I started PMSL. It's just not something you'd expect him to say....hehe.

I don't think this is Close Up *may* be taken from odd interviews...I really don't know, I haven't been watching much behind the scenes New Moon stuff cause I just think it will ruin the movie if I think about it too much - you know my expectations could possibly set me up for a downfall.

Interviews with Rob, Kristen, Taylor, Dakota and Michael Sheen.

Kristen: "objectively from the outside she (Bella) should be with Jacob. She's best friends with him, he's warm and it's easy, there's no problems there. But you can't always take the easy way."

Taylor: "It just depends on your type...if you believe in love at first sight and seeing that mysterious man on the corner, then alright, join Team Edward."

Rob: "Edward is much more of a worrier. Not a warrior, a worrier (laughs) and Jacob isn't."

Rob just cracks me up with his aloofness. He just comes off as a big dork to me. Perhaps that's his charm?

Alright, here's the link: [CloseUp]

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