Thursday, November 19, 2009

Review: New Moon. EPIC. *spoilers*

I just got home from watching New Moon and I'm absolutely buzzing.

I absolutely LOVED it. I remember sitting through Twilight for the first time and absolutely cringing - took me the second time to warm up to it - but very few cringe-worthy moments this time. The cast and crew did a fabulous job!

WARNING - possible spoilers...I'll try and keep it quite general

I know they can't stay absolutely true to the book, but I thought it stayed pretty close to the book IMO.

Some very quirky lines thrown in there - Billy Burke, crack up as always :D
Kristen was less awkward. Robward was less cheesy. I love Jackson's smile. Alice had more or less the same amount of scenes in the book.

Obviously a few unexplained bits in the film that you would get if you've read the book. I had to do a good deal of explaining to my brother after the movie. They had condensed a good chunk of the 'draggy' bits, but nothing that really takes away from the story.

Let down of the night? The F*CKEN FANGIRLS! Okay...I love the hype and all, and the giggling at appropriate moments...but these girls were giggling at the "Summit Entertainment" logo intro. ...hmmm....seriously?

And of course I was seated to this horrendous banshee laughing girl. She was the worst. And she would be a solo laugher. Oh I felt I was going mad. I wanted silence.

No CD - that Edward gives to Bella - she only got a kiss for her birthday.

Rosalie's hair bugged me...but I knew that before going in. The wig just doesn't work for me, even though I wouldn't want to Nikki through bleaching again. Just thought I'd say...

Best cheesy run-through-the-woods special effects - I thought Chris Weitz did an amazing job with the wolf pack.

Aro was funny...he's like this oversized kid or something.

The end of the birthday night broke my heart - even more than the actual break up scene did.

Not sure if the vampire tearing up scene was quite PG.

Oh and there was this hilarious scene that Aro sees through Alice of Edward and Bella playfully running through the woods. So not Bella and Edward lol.

Hmmm what else....oh the school carpark scene! Edward the supermodel rears his head. That was such a cute scene. Oh the sexual more than this the end of birthday night scene too.

There's a lot that I've missed out...can't possibly remember everything at 3.30am.

After watching this...I'm finding it hard to stay on Team Edward - cinematically, Jacob is just sooo much hotter than Edward (LOL). So Rob needs to up the anti cause Taylor was smokin'! There was even a round of applause when Jake took his shirt off to wipe up Bella's blood.

I heard some girls whining that the movie was crap. I mean seriously?...did you even watch the same movie that I did? did they expect back-flippin flying monkeys or what?

I'm itching to go and see New Moon again!!!! Better than Twilight - hands down!!

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