Sunday, November 8, 2009

Super Vamp Bella!

Okay, what am I on about I hear you say?
Well, I'm sure you all caught the Kristen and Rob photoshoot with Harper's Bazaar Magazine floating around the internet - I really don't want to post something that's already widely spread around the internet unless I want to add my unwanted two-cents worth in - I thought Kristen looked AMAZING!
A teensy bit goth/femme fatale...but very much how I imagined Bella to be in Breaking Dawn when she gets super vamped up!
I just loved it!
Oh yeah and Rob looked hot too. But did you see Kristen?! hehe

In case you don't actually know which photos I'm harping on about (as I tend to do in my own little insignificant world), her ya go my lovelies:


Of course there's also an interview as well...

and NewMoonMovie have out takes...OMG
here and here

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