Wednesday, April 8, 2009

we're goin to Jackson....

lol okay that was a Walk the Line moment right there. I'm sorry haha.

So Amanda Bell from The Examiner had the pleasure of interviewing Jackson about his life, music and Twilight - lucky lady!

She had this to say:

About his start in the entertainment industry, I asked Jackson, “You got your earliest start with Pickwick Players doing musical theatre, right? What was it about that group that got you interested in joining them?” Jackson answered, “Pickwick Players at ole’ MCT in Midland, Texas, was my rough beginnings.” Says he, “my parents made me join the program because I wasn’t making friends at school when our family moved to Midland, and my sister had joined the group. I started off as a tech-guy, building sets and running sound and the lighting boards . . . then I noticed the guys on stage were [the ones] getting all the girls, so . . . there you go.” Apparently, then, Jackson’s earliest start in the acting world was inspired by his love of the ladies.

About the film, I asked Jackson Rathbone, “In New Moon, your character is supposed to take a bigger bite (pun intended) into the series, with Jasper showing his more thirsty side. How are you preparing yourself for these scenes?” Jackson replied, “for that pun, you should be ‘pun’ished . . . I haven’t had a drink in 35 days.” Clever fellow, he is.
Okay, cute pun aside, I love this dude. He's so charasmatic! He makes a perfect Jasper in my opinion, they got it perfectly right with that :D

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