Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Cameron Bright Interview

There's a pretty awesome interview Nanaimo Daily News has with Cameron Bright. I just wanted to post this so we could all get a feel for this actor that has just newly joined our Twilight world. He seems like a pretty humble and grounded guy. Which is fantastic in my books =)

Here's a preview:
"Cameron Bright said his friends and family on Vancouver Island ``don't care'' about his celebrity status even after he landed a role in the teen blockbuster Twilight.

The 16-year-old Nanaimo actor will play the vampire brother of Dakota Fanning's character in the next three sequels of the popular movie.

Although Bright has acted alongside Hollywood stars such as Robert DeNiro and Nicole Kidman, this role could catapult him to a whole new level of fame. So-called Twi-hards, dedicated fans of the series by author Stephenie Meyer, are already keeping blogs updated with chatter about Bright and other stars in the movie.

But Bright said living on Vancouver Island has helped keep him grounded.

``If I didn't live here, I think I would probably be that stereotypical actor. In Hollywood, everyone wants to be an actor and just flaunt it,'' he said. ``Here, they just don't care.''

Twilight actor says Vancouver Island upbringing keeps him grounded

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