Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Sage (The Dills), Nikki Reed, Taylor Lautner and Kristen Stewart at Metropole

Gosh, what it must be like to live in Vancouver right now!
Vancity Allie was at the Sage performance at Metropole last night where Nikki, Kristen and Taylor were chillin' to the sounds.
This is what Allie had to say:
"Sage from the Dills was awesome! She had a great voice,
both chill and uptempo songs, and her song “Dawn” was great… it should really
make it into New Moon! Unfortunately her guitar broke at the beginning of the
show so she had to borrow the opening performer’s guitar."

"I asked her
if I could take photos of my show and she said that was cool. Nikki Reed herself
came out and sat right in front for half the show to take photos of her friend,
support her music, take videos, and dance along to the music. What a great
friend! They were talking/shouting to each other during the show the entire
time, and Nikki was giving song suggestions."

"Near the end of the
night, Sage serenaded and sang to Taylor. It was really cute. Taylor looked very
casual and cool in a plaid shirt, distressed jeans, and rockin’ plaid
read the rest and see the pictures here: Vancity Allie

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