Monday, April 20, 2009

Video Message from Cast on Set

How cool of the cast to send a message to Twilight fans in Italy/Volterra - too bad I can't understand what they're saying :( someone should translate! lol
Kristen speaks Italian?? I had no idea!
And Esme's hair?? wow. I like the old hair better. The new one looks good too, I just prefer the old one. It was classic and nostalgic - just the way Esme should look.
And Jasper's hair? don't get me started on that one! I say bring back the old hair. This wig just doesn't look like Jasper! The old hair sometimes made him look like a clown, but it was edgier, this new hair makes him look tame and soft. It now just looks fluffy lol. must be the sideburns?

And the last LOL of the post...Nikki and Peter doing the "I come in peace" hand signal. haha hilarious. too funny!

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