Monday, April 20, 2009

New Moon no. 1 movie of 2009

Amanda Bell at the Twilight Examiner thinks New Moon will rank number 1 despite abundant competition in 2009:

"While, as a fan of the Harry Potter series myself, I can anticipate that this summer’s release will be on par with the success of the prior films, and could see it lingering at the number one spot for the year for some time, New Moon’s unprecedented fan community (who, one can safely imagine, will see the film once, twice, three times or more) will propel the film to the top instantaneously. With up-coming films such as Where the Wild Things Are and Transformers 2, it is imaginable that New Moon will have sturdy competition in the blockbuster arena, but I still think that with the millions of eager nail-biting fans out there for New Moon that the film will take the number one spot and that it will close the year as the number one film for 2009."
oh, tough call. On top of waiting for New Moon, I'm also eagerly anticipating Half Blood Prince as well as Transformers 2. Who will be number 1? I'd be happy either way between HBP and New Moon - how can I choose between the 2??
What do you guys think? - Do you agree with Amanda Bell?

[New Moon poster by Jangsara (fab job btw:))]

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