Sunday, April 12, 2009

Twihards and Haters...

I don't know if I should tarnish my blog by blogging about this....but it's kinda really bugging me.
I read an article on io9 linked from Lainey Gossip's page about Twihards and their extreme measures of dealing with Twilight Haters, and it just made me think "WTF" --You can read it here

I hate haters as much as the next guy (in effect making me a hater I guess), I just don't like it when people actively go out there and make hate campaigns about something they don't like. I don't like onions, you don't see me going around onion-bashing or trying to get the consumption of it banned do you!?

But what is getting under my skin at the moment are these stories of Twihard extremists going around on a violence spree in the name of Twilight and/or Stephenie Meyer. I bet you anything she does not condone it. The bottom line is that people will have their own opinions; they may be good, they may be bad. Either way they're entitled to them. I wish they wouldn't go out into the world and actively bash it though. I think that part is unfair, we can't all like the same things and we can't all get along, but we can do the best we can to not cause conflict. Having said that, to you Twihards supposedly retaliating...why must you fight back in such a manner? It's so barbaric. Be smarter than that. Responding in such a way only makes you seem nuts, in effect ruining the name of Twilight.

I'm a pretty big Twilight fan, but I wouldn't consider myself a Twihard. And I definitely would not go out there physically endangering someone who thought that Twilight was stupid. If they can't appreciate it for what it's worth, then too bad for them. Meh what do I care?

Okay....rant over, that's my 2 cents worth. good to get it off my chest =) Us Twilight fans are not idiots. We're educated, smart and literate people. So lets not act like a bunch of raving mad baboons, okay? cool.

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