Thursday, April 16, 2009

New Moon cast and 100 Monkeys show....

100 Monkeys had a show last night in Vancouver and almost all of the New Moon (I'm used to saying Twilight, so that's an adjustment) cast were there. Lucky for those who attended. I'm really hating the fact that I live in NZ and nothing ever happens here :( sure we get the beautiful scenery and Lord of the Rings, but I want 100 Monkeys and Twilight dammit!

let me just take a minute to appreciate what I have here...

okay, better. now back to New Moon and 100 Monkeys.
Vancity Allie was lucky enough to be at the 100 Monkeys show in Vancouver where she got to mingle with the New Moon cast...I'm still jealous, but also I'm glad everyone had such a good time =)

she had this to say:

"I can’t even begin to tell you how nice the cast was. They asked for us to wait to take photos until mainly after the show because they didn’t want to take the spotlight from Jackson’s band, and they were incredibly kind, classy, and friendly. And they mostly hung out in the crowd all night, just enjoying the show like everyone else. Mindblowing! Kudos, Twilight cast. You really are a one-of-a-kind group. Thanks for putting up with us fans!"
oh and on why Kellan has a scarf around his face looking all goofy (adorable :p)
"Meanwhile, Kellan hangs out with us and takes some photos, and does some really funny stuff. Wish I could have gotten a video of him. He’s pretty much exactly what I imagined Emmett to be. He’s silly, goofy… he used his scarf to make a ninja outfit and tried to scare different groups of girls. It was hilarious."

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