Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Kristen and Michael Angarano Go Out to Play

It really does seem like couples day today, doesn't it?
While I really should be doing my computer science website mark up lab, I'm on here blogging. *laughs sadly* ah well - that's next on my to do list!xx

Lainey Gossip has pictures and reports:
"Michael is back in town, seen with Kristen on Saturday. Looks like Kristen is breaking the rules. Good.

But she got caught.

They went for sushi, she playfully hopped on his back, then when she realised she was being papped, she quickly jumped off. The two continued on their way all awkward and sh-t. She looks great, right? Very pretty, beautiful skin. Happy.

Am told exclusively that they spent a romantic weekend together – Michael arranged for accommodation at a different hotel, with an open ocean view, and they were able to escape for a day from the crowds waiting outside all the time."
How cute. what's with all this cuteness?
But I'm really glad she's happy, she deserves to be after all this Twilight happiness we get off here =)

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