Wednesday, October 7, 2009

New Moon Tickets on Sale: NZ

New Moon tickets are finally now on sale at Skycity Cinemas and Hoyts Cinemas starting from 12.01am ....tonight/early tomorrow however you see it. so 12.01am 8th October.

the details:

Purchase your tickets tonight to New Moon!

Also on sale tonight are tickets to TWILIGHT which is returning to the big screen from 12 - 18th November 2009
All TWILIGHT tickets are just $6

Purchase your tickets to our DOUBLE FEATURES on Wednesday 18 November 2009
See TWILIGHT at 9.30pm followed by the premiere screening of NEW MOON at 12.01am
All DOUBLE FEATURE tickets just $20

No link as of yet, but link to their website: Skycity Cinemas

and Hoyts

Personally, depending on how well word spreads (cause it's not stated on their website the exact details, I only know through email subscription, and I'm only spreading the word even faster...), I expect tickets to sell out pretty fast. We'll see I guess. Oh and not to mention the poor NCEA kids have exams on Nov 19!! that's so sad. I'm glad my uni exams will have been completed by then....*rubs it in ya noses*

My number 1 question now I need to watch Twilight yet again in cinemas?...followed closely by: Am I too much of a granny to stay up past midnight to see Rob and Taylor droolworthily shirtless?......I think not.

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