Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Win a date with a New Moon hottie!‏

Oh Em Gee. The Edge are running a promo...

Win a date with a New Moon hottie!‏

Are you a hardcore Twilight fan? Think you know your stuff? If you do, then of course you know the second installment in the Twilight Saga - New Moon is out in cinemas November 19. But what you didn't know... is that you could be meeting one of the hotties from New Moon!

The Edge has a once in a lifetime opportunity for two die hard Twilight fans to win a date with a hunky star from the new Twilight movie New Moon!

Each day The Morning Madhouse and Fletch and Vaughan will read out a quote from one of the characters from New Moon, if you call in and are the first correct person to guess which character said the quote you will go in the draw to win one of two seats at a special date with a mystery New Moon hotty*

PLUS, Hoyts are giving you another chance to win! Just go into any Hoyts cinema or online at and book your New Moon ticket for a second chance to win a dinner date with one of the New Moon stars*!

oh but hey don't forget the fine print!

* It could be any one of the New Moon guys but it's up to the discretion of the movie company which one will be your date. So don't go crying if it isn't the one you secretly want and have all the posters all over your wall of and write pages and pages of letters to in your diary or whatever.

Link: The Edge FM

My guess is it'll be one of the guys that are coming our way for Armageddon [link] I wouldn't hold my breath for Rob or Taylor :P
oh I think it's obvious that it's pretty much a NZ competition...unless Australia have something similar running?


  1. No i am not obsessed with taylor lautner,and no i dont blog about him everyday but i can tell you that romantically he is the only guy i can enjoy myself with?ive had a couple dreams..some to not speak of;)but others were just so romantic and seemed so real.i am a fan of his work not of his perfession,him being a star or not doesnt matter to me.infact i would lika date ona tell gate of a truck looking up at stars then goto a red carpet 17 years old,5'8, blue eyed blonde.i gotta tough side to me..try me girls:p.but anyways i would love to win a date with him!! i would show him a great him how theese non ditzy californian girls r<3

    Shelbie Golden

  2. I love Robert and Taylor=]

  3. Hello,
    My story is actually quiet funny. I went to the movie not even really knowing anything about twilight. But when I went, the story was so mind-boggling that I fell in love with the story line...Don't get me wrong, I think Robert is an amazing guy(to what I've seen on TV) but that's all it is...It's humorous how girls can say they are IN LOVE with him and Taylor! And I've seen the girls that run after him like they want to kill him! That's not the way to go about it girls...If i had a chance to meet him in a crowd, he would probably notice me, because in all of the madness...I would be the only one just standing there clapping for him instead of screaming out "I WANT TO HAVE YOUR BABIES!"...So to end this, I would love to say....
    Keep on keepin on Rob, cuz' you rock!
    <3 JESS*

  4. You know, Jess, I was just talking to my friends about this the other day - it simply amazes me how some fans will literally scream and cry over meeting Rob (or Taylor etc). I think he is just like any person, he has his oh so adorable qualities but also his quirks which are both good and's just OTT how some people will mob celebs like they're gods or something...
    I love the Twilight cast for what they do and the pleasure they give us...but I wish people would just give them their space so they can actually enjoy their moment rather than having their moment tainted with murder-with-love fangirls screaming and crying over, well, nothing really.

    Oh the fandom does crazy things to people lol.

  5. I am in love with taylor my friends who lived down there told me about this comptietion and i was like i wonder if they have one in America. Because i would so love to win a date with taylor. im a really cool girl, and Im from New Zealand

  6. I personally think that girls love Taylor ( Rob, etc.) because of the fame and all of the attention because they get so caught up in it but if these guys werent famous and were just regular kids and these twilight obsessed fans were walking by them they would just think "oh, he was kinda cute" and just keep on walking without a second glance back. Don't get me wrong i love Taylor, Rob, Kellans, etc. work but for the humor and the romance they put into it. I would absolutely love to win a date with anyone of these fantastic guys. I woul show them what it's like to hang out with a normal teenage girl for a day without all of the paparazzi following them and i would just show them a good time. It would be a dream come true.
    Alex <3

  7. well i really do like taylor but not just all for his looks he seems really nice and i don't know alot about him at all i don't even know how old he is but i do like rob too but he just doesnt seem like the guy to date oh and i'm only 10 but still that does not mean anything

  8. HEEY!(:
    am 12 though :/
    his so cute!(:

  9. I love taylor lautner iI have his dolls,a blanket with his face on it, a puzzle, 5 shirts,also the gameboard. Taylor Lautner is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute sometimes I cry because I want to meet him soooooooooooooooo bad. I pray to god to please let me have a date with Taylor but i am only 12 but that dont matta

  10. My daughter is 5 years old and everything is about Jacob her room,lunch boxand backpack for school,she watches Twilight and New Moon everyday.She makes the comments all the time if I seen him I would hug him and never let go.Shes so funny sweet and totally loving Jacob.I am hoping to be able to win my little girl a date with Taylor well Jacob to he

  11. i don't care if anyone knows who i am. i am born and raised in houston, texas. my name is erica, but some ppl call me maggie or eden. idk don't ask. i met taylor when i was about eight years old and i went up to his home town for a little competition and i would like to say hi taylor do you remember me or something like that. i would just to talk to him. i don't really care about dating him. yes he is totally beautiful on the outside. i don't know about now, but i can recall when i was a little kid that he was also beautiful on the inside. way more beautiful than he is on the outside. i am not saying that he isn't gorgeous on the outside i am just saying he is undescribably beautiful on the inside also. or was. i don't know anymore cause i haven't talked to him since i was eight years old and now i am eighteen.

  12. i want to win a date with taylor lautner, because i want my friend to have fun with him she wanted him for her birthday and i want to make her happy and her birthday is soon i hope i could make her happy plzz make me and my friend happy plzz taylor :]

  13. Hahaha all u girls r funny sure taylor n rob r cute but thtas all u can say. I don't get how u girls can say u love them u don't know them like at all. I would love to meet taylor but I know in reality I won't he is famous n way to busy for a no body. He is jus a face till u can actually sit there n talk to him one on one till then no one can say the love him. He is just a guy a very cute one but that's it nothin else. U guys oviously don't know what love is so I sugest u don't use it till u know.

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