Thursday, October 8, 2009

Bella's Lullaby

I'm sorry ~ is anyone else like me: I don't like Bella's Lullaby in Twilight.
I just think it's not right, it's so cinematic. And I mean yeah it is made for falls short of what I expected. And almost a year on from hearing it in the movie, I still can't get it. It just does not work for me.
Maybe cause I fell in love with Yiruma's The River Folows in You first?
I wish, WISH they would change the current Bella's Lullaby. Anything but the current Carter Burwell orchestra version....Don't get me wrong, I like the Carter Burwell version too (with just piano), but it just doesn't tug on the heart strings like Yiruma's does....I just can't imagine it for Breaking Dawn.

In case you don't know which one(s) I'm talking about...

Carter Burwell's (official version):

/end rant.

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