Tuesday, October 27, 2009

New Moon TV commercial

New Moon commercial. No new content, just a new format. and LOL @ the Alice line. It's funny how we pick out the most pointless things *giggles*

Rant time...

This clip reminds me of why I'm ultimately on Team Edward. I love Jake too, but the voice over dude in this clip just totally reminded me why I'm Team Edward - cause lets face it, after having Twilight become such a huge part of your life you can start to forget the reasons why you like certain things. Why am I Team Edward? because he's the only one who will risk everything for Bella. Sure Jake loves Bella, but I remember he can't give up things Bella asks him to out of selfish desire while Edward does. Edward is all about Bella. Jake is more about "it's more normal/natural to be with me than be with a vampire". Jake is realistic, but who needs realism when you have romanticism?

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